I didn’t want this afternoon to happen [a morbid-sounding post with a hopeful ending about people]

i didn't want this afternoon to happen

I’m not normally like that. But this time, I didn’t want that afternoon to come around. I didn’t want to say goodbye to my friend before she bussed back home. It was a week full of fun and laughter and purple hair, then thirty seconds of hugs and squeezes at the Roadhouse. Now that she’s back home, she has to get her mind around moving to the other side of the country and the other side of the state (coz Western Australia is cool like that!) for uni. I’m really happy and excited about what’s happening for her but I’m sad at the same time that my friend is moving really far away!

Shortly after that, more friends of ours mosey on home after surprising birthday girl Nomi with a two-week visit, and it feels surreal that I won’t be visiting their house in return, because we’ll be staying behind. Then my big brother Josh is moving to the other side of Australia for a while, and possibly away from home, forevah. So many changes happening… so many people to say goodbye to.

It’s not goodbye-goodbye, but still, it’s sad. It’s funny that it hurts, because I live in a transient town where people are always moving on and saying goodbye, so I thought I’d be used to it. But I think this time it hurts a little more than normal because these people are my own, personal, closest friends. Or they’re my family. I see Josh every day and argue about whether the tea towel is dirty or clean and became Christians together and learned to read and write together, and now he’s moving. We always knew this day was coming, to sound melodramatic, but it still hurts.

But as I was singing along in my un-sound-proof car with my sister and friends and thinking about the inevitable of all your babies growing up, I started to thank… thank for what at first, I didn’t know, but it kind of merged into a thank you God… for people.

I’m thankful that I have people in my life who love life and who love me and who love God. I’m thankful that I have friends and family who bring energy and fun to every moment, who speak life to somebody, who do the stuff they’re good at and who have their own quirks and stories and ups and downs.

A friend of ours just had a baby girl, and another friend just announced they’re pregnant, too. I have friends who write to me and who phone me and who miss me, I have a family who has fun together and has each other’s back, I have a town full of people ready to do stuff together, and a Church full of people to get to know better. So many people in this planet, and I get to know a tiny portion of them. If I believe we are all fearfully and wonderfully made, that God loves each one of us, then each and every person is worth valuing and treating as somebody worth my time and worth caring about.

It’s hard work to find and get to know people who give like I feel I give, sometimes. But people. People are worth it, no? Life isn’t meant to live alone. Life isn’t meant to be boring and dormant of celebration. Give time. Give energy. Give life. Give of myself. Give. xx

No man is an island

We can be found

No man is an island

Just let your guard down

I don’t want to fight you

I am for you

We’re not meant to live this life alone…


2 thoughts on “I didn’t want this afternoon to happen [a morbid-sounding post with a hopeful ending about people]

  1. Thankyou so much Jessica, this post really spoke to me at this stage in my life. I often feel “left behind” too, but this has reminded me to be grateful for who i do know and to reach out to those i don’t.
    “Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe
    And Blessed are those who keep giving and never recieve
    Blessed is the heart that gets broken and keeps holding on, holding on, cause’s that’s what it means to live by faith” -Chris Rice.
    What God has taught me is to go to Him when i am lonely, to pray for those i am missing, cause ultimatly it’s just Him who won’t change or move on.
    God Bless You,

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