Four reasons why I don’t drink alcohol

Why I don't drink alcohol

One of the many big questions when you hit eighteen is:

Will you drink?

Christians and people in general have different opinions on this. Is it okay? Is it of the devil? There are so many expectations on young people to drink that it can be hard to work out if it is actually okay or not.

In my very personal opinion as I’ve thought this through, it’s a molehill that easily grows into a mountain, but it doesn’t have to. After all, Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine (after everyone had been drinking for days!) and he drank wine as part of his last meal. When it boils down to it, the Bible doesn’t say drinking is wrong. It does say to discern if drinking is wise if you are in a high position of power, and to not let indulgence, peer pressure, and drunkenness control you, but not that Christians shouldn’t drink it. On that basis, I believe I can enjoy alcohol if I want to.

But I haven’t gone there, at least not yet, and here are my four reasons why:

It’s an acquired taste I haven’t yet acquired.

My parents don’t drink much alcohol and it’s simply because they either didn’t grow up with it, aren’t fussed on the taste, haven’t had the opportunity to try different types, or plain don’t like it. Because of that, my siblings and I just haven’t been exposed to it nor had many occasions to try it yet.

I’ve decided I’m too young to drink.

Legally, Australians can drink once they turn 18. However, new research is saying that developmentally, my brain won’t stop growing until my early twenties, and since I want to give my brain every chance it can to become the next Albert Einstein (or the closest thing to it) and since alcohol can damage developing brains, I’ve decided to avoid alcoholic beverages until I’m older.

It’s risky.

I’m still on my P plates, and limited to a 0.00% BAC, so if I have even the tiniest sip of alcohol when I’m out, and get pulled over by a policeman on the drive home for a random breath test, I’m toast and up to lose my license. Drivers on their full license can have a BAC of 0.05%, but especially for a girl who’s not used to drinking (like me), just one glass of alcohol affects reaction speed and risk awareness. There’s enough car crashes in the world.

The interest is simply not there.

To be completely honest, I’m simply not fussed on drinking alcohol. It doesn’t really interest me, and although I will, in a safe and appropriate environment, try a sip of different types now and then to see if I do like it, for the moment I’m happy to pass.

As a Christian, I believe God has given us the freedom to drink. As an individual, and based on that freedom, I have my own reasons why I don’t drink, based on my lifestyle, science, and a dose of common sense! What about you – why or why don’t you drink?


3 thoughts on “Four reasons why I don’t drink alcohol

  1. This is a good post and some good thoughts 🙂 I also don’t wish to drink, for a lot of the same reasons you don’t…it just doesn’t appeal to me at all 🙂

    And I, like you, think that we do have that freedom. I think perhaps some people may be freer to drink than others, depending on whether they or their family were more easily tempted to abuse it.

  2. Thanks, Jessica! That’s a good point about different people being freer to drink than others. It reminds me of Paul saying that he is free to do all things, but not everything is beneficial for him to do. Just like anything else, we need to know what we can handle physically and emotionally and set boundaries.

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