Hayley + me

Hayley and I

After arriving home from a crazy eight days away in Queensland, I caught the bus that night for the ten and a half nighttime bus trip to visit my friend Hayley for a few days. Originally Josh and I were planning a road trip to visit her and her brother, who are our really close family friends, but my plans changed and I could only squeeze in a short three-day trip. I think we were both apprehensive about only having three days together, but by the end of it, we were convinced that even the shortest trips are totally worth it. Actually, we both felt that we fit more in because we knew time was precious.

As is traditional in our friendship, we made a list and crossed things off as we accomplished our feats. It was nearly as long as our normal, three-week-visit lists, but we still managed to tick everything off!

We dined on the perfect chocolate brownie and banana milkshakes, watched Saving Mr Banks (a sad but beautiful and insightful movie), and drove around town, which didn’t take very long, since it’s a small town, but it was extremely interesting to see its quirks, like streets turning a bend and changing street names. I hooked her and rehooked myself on Crusoe, and she made us a Brownie in a Mug. We talked about all sorts of things, gleaning insight from Blimey Cow upon occasion. My highlight was finally getting to jam together on the piano and guitar, with both instruments in tune and in the same room at the same time!

Hayley’s a very special friend, always there for me and ready to talk. She listens to my problems and laughs when I’m silly, and encourages me to value myself and my talents. She is the sort of person to give things a go, and will follow her nose, going where her interests and passions lead her. She’s also a really good thinker, musician, and poet. I am so blessed to have her as my friend and that she sees me as one, too!


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