Twenty today.

Twenty today

It’s my 20th birthday today!

Yikes! Two full decades.

I remember reading people’s blog posts about their 20th and I was always like, ‘woah, so mature – so old – wow!’ And now that’s me. Hm.

I would also like to note that I TOOK A DECENT SELFIE – first accomplishment of my twenties!


I’m still working out if I feel older or not!

Part of me does,

but I think that’s also because I’ve been learning to trust how God’s made me,

And not worry about the expectations of other people.


It doesn’t matter what they think of me – I can’t please everybody!
Rather, in Christ, I am free to be myself no matter what that looks like.


I am free to dress the way I like

Wear makeup the way I like

Be my kind of crazy

Like the things I like

Have the hobbies that catch my interest

Be as fit as I deem

Spend my money on the things that catch my fancy

Make my own decisions

Try new things.


It extends to the smallest things, like the food I like best

And the food I detest.

I can have my opinions

And disagree with others’.



There are things that are nonnegotiable to God,

But inside of that

There is still a lot of colouring in to do!


On the flip side,

I know I’m not perfect yet.

I still grapple with God’s love.

I don’t understand faith.

I get shy and frazzled and selfish and proud.

I don’t always think the things I should.


But thank you God that you accept me the way I am!


So here’s to another twenty years,

Another adventure,

With God leading the way!


11 thoughts on “Twenty today.

  1. Happy happy 20th, Jessica!!! 😀 I remember it took me *three months* to finally get used to the ‘twenty’ thing 😀

    I love how much God loves us and is so patient with us…and I think He enjoys our journey even more than our eventual destination 😀 May this year be busting full of even more revelations of His love for you 😉 ❤ I love your joy and delight for Him and for life in general that comes through on your blog 😉 Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the head’s up, Jessica! I actually think i quite like it already!

      Thank you also for your reminder about God’s love for us!! What has been your favourite book on God’s love for us that you guys have read – I know you quote different books or authors quite a bit on Facebook. xo

      1. Some of my favorite authors are Mike Bickle, Joseph Prince, and Graham Cooke 🙂 🙂 Mike Bickle’s free mp3 series on the Song of Solomon helped me immensely in realizing God’s love for me, and then listening and reading Joseph Prince and Graham Cooke’s messages/books have helped solidify it even more 🙂 Joseph Prince’s “The Power of Right Believing” is a good one…it’s not specifically about God’s love, but when we have ‘right believing’ we can believe that He really does love us 😉 Oh yes…and I love, love, love listening to Graham Cooke’s message “The Nature of God”. I went to sleep listening to it for awhile 😀 Here’s a link to a playlist I made of the two parts 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday, Jess!

    Isn’t it funny how, much of the time, it can take more courage to be yourself than anyone else in the world?

    Love you,

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