missionaries and mission-goers


I so noticed this in Uganda.  Me going to Uganda wasn’t really a mission trip, although some people thought it was.  I mean, I helped out with initiatives once or twice, and was staying with missionaries, but really, I was just there blessing the family I went to visit.  I won’t say any more – this article by Challies, Missionaries and Mission-goers, sums up my feelings pretty well.

Missionaries and Mission-goers:

Keith Green told us, “Jesus commands us to go. It should be the exception if we stay. It’s no wonder we’re moving so slow, When His church refuse to obey.” I used to think that if Green had been allotted a few more years, he probably would have walked away from his career as a musician to be a missionary. He had such passion for missions that it seemed inevitable. But that was when I was young and idealistic, before I realized this is not the way these things things work. Not usually, anyway…


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