da pantry is organised.

Warning: this is an organised-freak post.  So if you don’t really want to know all about our freshly organised pantry… sorry.  And for everyone else, I hope you have fun reading this! Two or three weeks back I went to seventh heaven and organised our pantry.  What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning! haha.  Our pantry hasn’t been used in the most space efficient way for a while now, because our lifestyles have changed in the last three years.  Until recently, we had an extra pantry over in the shed for buying bulk; Mum organised a monthly shop and the shed pantry worked quite well.  However, now, we shop weekly and the shed pantry was just an overflow space and we ended up buying even more double-ups because we didn’t know what we had in the shed.  Mum and I had been talking for ages about merging our pantries into one and so I took the plunge and brought eeeeverying over to the house.

pantry finished product

This is the finished product!  I admit, at the moment there is enough food inside to feed an army (and I’m not even going to tell you about the three boxes of overflow in the laundry…) but it is so much more enjoyable and usable!

pantry shelves one and two

In the top shelf, going from left to right, we keep the cereals, ice cream cones, and open biscuits and crackers.  Mum bought out Coles’ 10L storage boxes (I’m serious!) and I used six just in the top shelf for the teas and coffees, biscuits and crackers, rice, pasta, sugars, and other baking and cooking goods.

Next shelf down didn’t require much change; we’ve used this system of plastic containers for all our open food for ages.pantry shelf 3

The middle shelf was also fairly organised, but I did rearrange it and add some more boxes to the mix.  Probably the biggest change was buying plastic containers to store the spices in; that’s what you see on the left.  I still have to label them before they drive everyone mad!  At the back is a box of cupcake tins and decorative icing, a box for sachet marinades and the like, and on top are bottles of vanilla essences, food colouring, etc. The shallow box in front holds the small bottles and containers of odds and ends.  Ice cream toppings, sandwich spreads, and other dressings and sauces live here on the right hand side.pantry shelf 4 and 5

The second bottom shelf is probably the biggest wowzers factor!  At the moment it’s a bit pokey in there, but as we use up the tins (we’ve kind of put a ban on buying tins!) it should open up a bit.  I organised them in rows of like items – fruit, vegetables, dressings, etc.

The last shelf holds an arrangement of things.  On the left are boxes for any raw nuts or dried fruit, or any other raw food ingredients Mum uses.  Wraps live on top of these boxes.  The two baskets in the middle are for drinks, but hopefully it will whittle down.  On the very right are two baskets for sauces and oils; again, this should reduce as we learn to buy less bulk!

It was a big job, but as Mum wrote over on her blog post, it is so much more pleasing to the eye!  We had brainstormed what containers or baskets we would need before I started, and although I was itching to start, I waited until I felt I had everything I’d need before I got my teeth into it.  Some things took a bit of playing around with, especially in the middle shelf with the small bottles and containers.  Not only does everything have to fit, but they have to be easily accessible (function before form!).  When organising the pantry, I tried to keep like items with like items, especially the spices, without being too nit-picky and micro.  Hopefully we will be able to downsize the food a bit now since we can easily see what we already have!

Anybody else been organising something lately?



14 thoughts on “da pantry is organised.

  1. Queen of Orderliness, I must say! What an outstanding job! I like to pride myself on keeping a clutter-free desk, but things do pile up! Oh, perhaps we should employ you to sort out our store room! You’d be in your element! 🙂

    1. Sounds like fun, Jerome!

      Sometimes my desk or bed isn’t 100% clutter-free, but I’m working on it, and I make sure I GET on top of it!

  2. I have spices sorted between sweet (cinnamon, mixed spice, etc) and savory (paprika, garlic, etc). You could also put them in alphabetical order, but that may look too OCD!

  3. Wow! What a project. Really great job, Jess. 🙂
    One of these days I would like to do the same in our craft room. It is so bad I am ashamed to describe it to you. 😉 haha You have given me some inspiration and motivation though so maybe in some of my spare time within the next few days I can do that. 😀

    Thanks. ^_^

  4. I love it! You are just my kind of girl…I love organizing, too 😀 And I noticed that you had a couple of jars of Vegemite…I’ve heard about that stuff and how much you Aussies like it 😀 lol!

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