Eleven ways using my smartphone has changed my lifestyle


  • My Samsung smartphone doubles as my iPod which means I only have to carry around one device I bought a $4.00 app, iSyncr, to sync with iTunes, which was really worth it for me.
  • I installed MyPhoneExplorer onto my phone and laptop, and it syncs my contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes with Outlook.  I don’t sync this as much as I could to be most effective with my calendar in particular, but if I did get it working it could help me keep track of events and make plans when I am out of the house.
  • It doubles as my alarm clock, timer and calculator this means I have less bits and pieces floating around.  I use the alarm to help me wake up, the timer to help me move through my daily commitments, and the calculator – to help me with math!
  • The notes section is brilliant.  If I want to write a reminder, thoughts from a book I’m reading, a to-do list for the afternoon, a shopping list, a product name, or a song I just heard on the radio, then out comes my phone.  Love it!  When I sync my phone with my laptop, the notes either get deleted or go into my Notes section on Outlook.
  • Runkeeper (a fitness app) was probably one of the biggest motivations to helping me run!  Not only does it keep a record of my activities, it records my time, my distance, my pace, my route, and my minute and kilometer splits.
  • Having a smartphone enabled me to use the wireless hotspot, and since our family has limited internet access, and my phone plan has a bit of internet, this has been good when our internet doesn’t work. I also use the YouTube app a fair bit.
  • This week I put BibleGateway onto my phone as a Bible app; I like having the Bible in my pocket for when I might need it, although I still prefer my actual Bible to my kindle or phone Bible.
  • This is a new app, but I hope it will help me – Hydrate.  Yep, you guessed it, it’s to remind me to drink water, and yes, it is kind of pathetic, but how many of us actually drink enough water?  I figure if I have a reminder, and an app actually tracking my record (and it tells me how close I am to reaching my daily goal of two litres) then I might actually get there!  Another new app I’m fiddling with is a Bible memorisation one.  If you haven’t caught on, I’m taking the joke seriously that if you want something, there’s an app out there for it!
  • My phone plan at the moment has a really good text deal, so I use text a lot. I try to own my phone in this area, and not the other way around, by checking the text when it suits me and is appropriate.  Texting has been given a bad rap in the past, but it can be used when we need to touch base with each other quickly, for writing a quick message for friends who honestly don’t have time for, or who don’t use, email or Facebook, and to have a bit of good, clean fun.  If it’s of substance, and encouraging others, I don’t have a problem with it.
  • I do have Pinterest, Facebook, and internet browser apps on there, but I don’t use these apps a great deal (I use the internet browser the most).  Because of our limited internet I could use the Pinterest app a bit more instead of on my laptop, and use those waiting-in-the-car moments for my Pinterest time.  The challenge is to not research something, or automatically go onto Facebook, just because you have the app at your fingertips.  Just be now, and research or do your internet thing later, at a better time.
  • I haven’t actually gone for games on my phone.  I decided that it would distract me when I should be doing something else (Pinterest and Facebook are big enough distractions!), it would be a timewaster when I was mindlessly bored, and I didn’t want others to use my phone of the same reasons.  That being said, I was okay with ‘educational games’, so the only thing remotely like a game on my phone is ‘Who Becomes Rich?’ which is a trivia question game.  It does get used a little bit, both by myself and others, but only when there is a good reason to use it!

So how do you use your phone?  How has it changed your lifestyle, or how you do things?  What have been the pros and cons of it for you?


4 thoughts on “Eleven ways using my smartphone has changed my lifestyle

  1. Thanks Jess that’s great. Now how do I use my phone? Just to make phone calls of course!!!! After all isn’t that what phones were made for?????

  2. I don’t have a smartphone, but I use my iPod a LOT for both emails & a calendar. It actually saved me today – I got home from work and was all ready to relax when my iPod went off and I discovered that I had an umpire training night to go to in fifteen minutes’ time. I had totally forgotten about that!
    I use Facebook heaps on my iPod.
    It is my alarm and my ‘soundtrack’.
    I also use it to tune my guitar (Cleartune, if you’re interested), and learn songs from my iTunes library by ear (with a really cool app called ‘Robick’).
    I’m not much for games either (something which my brothers don’t really understand!), but ‘Duolingo’ is a fun educational app which teaches you a new language at the same time. I don’t do it much, but it’s fun when I do.

    I seem to use this gadget an awful lot. Hopefully I will be able to survive if I get stuck without it! 😛


  3. I can really relate to most of your list. At one point I tried the games and it was incredibly distracting so I got rid of most of them except WordsWithFriends which is good for me since I enjoy word games and then also a matching game that I play rarely.
    For me, instead of the water and running apps that you have, I do something called LoseIt which helps me watch the food I eat and encourages me to exercise.

    They can be really helpful as long as we don’t abuse having all the above available all the time. Right now I am having to use an old phone since my smart phone “died” and I can’t tell you how many of the smart phone abilities I wish I had. Haha


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