On baking chocolate chip biscuits…

I had offered to make afternoon tea for a girls’ Bible study I help out with yesterday, and whipped up a batch of chocolate chip biscuits. Sadly, I forgot to check back on the last tray and they burnt to a crisp… when I admitted my terrible failure to the girls at Bible study, one of the girls gasped what?!  Jess messed up?! (She’s half-serious too – my reaction was something along the lines of heck yeah!)

Well, not wanting to leave biscuit-baking on a sad note, and because I like making chocolate chip biccies, I decided to make another batch.  I knew they’d get eaten throughout the week, but this time, this time for sure – they would not get burnt! 

So I make the biscuits and into the oven they go.  I am looking at my watch while washing the dishes and feeling quite pleased with myself for being so quick and efficient when Josh walked in.  He made some comment about me baking, and I confided confidently that I was not going to burn a batch again.  His response?

Then what is the oven doing on 250C?


Do you have a timer going?


I suggest you get one.

Gotta love big brothers!


3 thoughts on “On baking chocolate chip biscuits…

  1. LOL! that is sooo something I’d do 😉 …. except I don’t have a helpful big brother! 😛 😉

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