A Ramble on CS Lewis, Technology, and Plodding.


Hi there!

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while.  Life’s been busy, and frankly, I haven’t known what to write about.  I have been reading Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, however, and that is plenty to keep me thinking, and I’ll let him be the writer.  Mind bending stuff, it is.  It’s sometimes also known as ‘the bane of my life’ as I try to decide if I agree with him or not, knowing that it is the infamous CS Lewis we are talking about here, but also knowing that even the most famous Christians get some things wrong.  Although I’m not yet fully convinced that humans instinctively know right from wrong, I have really enjoyed it when I eventually understand his logical arguments against dualism and pantheism.   I think I will have to read it again in a few years’ time to fully get my head around it to the point I could articulate his logic in a debate (not that I have any plans to join a debate team of any sorts!)

The non-recreational book I read before this one was The Next Story by Tim Challies, which I really enjoyed.  Again, it wasn’t the easiest of books I’ve ever picked up, in that I really had to think, and sometimes I felt he was nit-picking a little bit, but Challies’ discerning, questioning, and biblical perspective on technology was fantastic.  I think I have come away from it able to better perceive the pro’s and con’s of technology.  Being a girl who is a bit reluctant to change, I can easily write off the latest technology as bad and unnecessary, another way for a retailer to get more money, but Challies posed four probing questions to ask ourselves when we consider buying the latest thing, which helps to discern if I really need it.  I think asking these questions is a better way to go than simply disregarding it altogether because it is ‘new’, or going out and buying it just because it is the latest thing.  For two thirds of the book, Challies walked through the different areas where technology has had an effect on our society and us as individuals, which gave me an idea of what areas in my life I needed to guard against technology, and how to do that.  I’d highly recommend it if you want to understand the place of technology in our world today, how it came to be so imperative in our societies, and how to make sure you personally are in control of technology.

In the last few months, I’ve started to enjoy reading blogs and articles again.  After being on Facebook for a year, and that being my main choice of internet reading, I have noticed how my attention span has dropped when it comes to reading online, and probably offline, too.  I’m trying to read those articles that people share on Facebook, read at least some of the blog updates that come through my feed (and leave comments), and check in on a blog or two and see what they’ve linked to or written about.  I especially like A Girl Like Me, which is run by two wives to members of the band Tenth Avenue North, and Challies (who wrote the book The Next Story.)  I am also subscribed to a Christian movie review website called MovieGuide.org.  It reviews the latest flicks, Christian and mainstream, from a Christian perspective, which I like because I can get an idea if this movie is something worth watching, and so I have an idea what others are going on about when they talk about movies.  I don’t necessarily want to watch them myself, but at least I can say I’ve heard about it!

Life is moving along at a pretty good pace.  I’m continuing to tutor/teach two girls, help out at mainly music, babysit upon occasion, help out at a Bible study for girls, learn to drive, and a few other things.  I’m pretty busy, but it is exciting and growing me!

I am still plodding along with my professional organising course – plodding is the appropriate word to use, though I’m getting better at telling this somewhat slowpoke to move along a bit faster!  Piano kind of took a back seat in motivation last year, but today I spent some time trying to shake things up and get re-inspired, by listening to the pieces I am learning on YouTube, and working on a few new songs.  It’s OK to take a break, but I also want to get back into the swing of things.

And that is a rambling snippet into my life at the moment!

What has been happening in your life lately?


4 thoughts on “A Ramble on CS Lewis, Technology, and Plodding.

  1. Great overview, Jess! Like the sound of the book on technology. I should get myself into more in depth reading. (I think I love Aussie history a bit too much!)

    1. Same as before: Over the Rainbow Let’s call the whole thing off Ragtime on the typewriter Song for Josiah Re-familiarising myself with Romantic Flight (from How to Train Your Dragon) I also want to properly learn Test Drive (also from How to Train Your Dragon) and learn Come, Children Join to Sing (thanks for the inspiration!)

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