10 things I loved about Christmas

  1. We read the Christmas story out of a real Bible with minimal fuss!Nomi and I
  2. Santa gave me a very pink, girls-only tool box, an intriguing novel, and a box of smooth-working felt tip pens in a  myriad of colours, and all the presents given to me were from the heartMum, Nomi, Dad
  3. I tried raw oyster.  Interesting experience.  Not bad.  Just interesting.
  4. The seafood was delicious

    Vietnamese bug tails, oysters, scallops, prawns
    Vietnamese bug tails, oysters, scallops, prawns
  5. A friend and her foster baby came around for lunch and presents, meaning we laughed a lot!Faces
  6. Everyone gives everyone sincere, I-love-you hugs on Christmas dayDad playing Thompson - or Tomson
  7. The Church service was fun and encouraging, and there was a family atmosphere as people stayed behind to catch upDad presenting Domino her Christmas present
  8. The fight over presents was about who could give their present next, and not who could open a presentJosh and Daniel
  9. We had a fun, noisy, chatty open house where it felt like we were just one big family who loved each otherMum and I
  10. God is with us, forever and ever, amen.



13 thoughts on “10 things I loved about Christmas

  1. This is a good post Jess! I liked reading it just to go over my own Christmas (which was of course the same Christmas as yours haha!).

    That was something, wasn’t it? The fighting to be the next to give, not to receive. It’s a real blessing to grow up in a family that loves you like that I think.

    Loved how you had a point about the church service combined with a photo of Dad giving the dog a bone… just when I was starting to think the photos went with the points!

    1. Thanks Josh! It was a special day for that to happen – I think our Christmases have been growing to that point but everyone had caught that vision this year.

      Yeah, that connection crossed my mind but I didn’t think about it too much… hmmm!

  2. I love it, Jessica! And I love how you all are wearing short sleeves/sleeveless tops while we are over here freezing for Christmas, lol! I’m not complaining, though…I LOVE the snow 😀

    1. Haha – that’s funny! Yes, over here, I was dreaming of a WET Christmas. We’ve even made up our own version of the song! Sadly it was a bright sunny day… not to worry; I’m sure we’ll get lots of rain soon!

  3. Wonderful! So, so, so great. 😀

    I also enjoyed that feeling of wanting to give rather than receive. It really does make a difference. 🙂
    And your glasses are super cute! Very pretty. ^_^


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