a thankful heart

Thanksgiving puts power in living, because it opens the generators of the heart to respond gratefully, to receive joyfully, and to react creatively. – Unknown.

I’ve started a journal that I try to write in every couple of days, listing all the things I’m grateful for. It’s very purty and has quotes on thankfulness all the way through it (like the one above).

Why keep a journal?  Because I truly am blessed.  I live in a beautiful world, a beautiful country, a beautiful town and region.  God’s blessed me with my family, this home, and so many physical things – and that’s not even counting all the promises, acts, and attributes of our generous, faithful, and loving God!  When I remember God, and enjoy each physical and spiritual blessing, stress, anxiety, discontentment, and envy starts sliding, and contentment, peace, and joy and happiness starts to grow.  I’ve heard that cats are really selfish, really self-centred, thinking they deserve all the pampering people give them and more besides.  I don’t want to be like that!  I’d much rather recognise God’s goodness and give thanks for it.

I’m thankful for…

Rainy days


Croaking frogs


A Christian heritage in my family – four generations of God-loving men and women


Music and Christian artists like Chris Tomlin and Steven Curtis Chapman

Good friends

New opportunities

A faithful God

What’s something you’re thankful for?

*for the record, this is completely coincidental to America’s Thanksgiving holiday.  I’ve meant to blog this for about six months!


3 thoughts on “a thankful heart

  1. What a good idea 🙂 I’ve been wanting to start a journal like that and just haven’t yet 🙂
    Some things I’m currently thankful for:
    Christmas music
    the Christmas season
    my siblings
    Christmas secrets
    can you tell I love Christmas?! 😀

  2. There are SOOOOO many things that I could be thankful for, but I’ll say four of my favourite.

    This wide, brown land AUSTRALIA
    The freedom we have in this country to read God’s Word and worship Him
    My family – Mum, Dad and five sisters
    A thunderstorm after a hot, summers day

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