me, the homeschool teacher…

Five weeks ago I became a homeschool teacher.  Slash day off.  Slash new best friend to two adorable little girls.

These are my students:

A (left in second picture) has just turned seven and M (in pink) is five.  Aren’t they they cute?!  They are very smart and easy to teach too.

I was asked if I would do two mornings a week to free the Dad up (he’s homeschooling the other three days).  MM (Dad) continues with reading, writing, and math, and I tackle Bible, character, science, art, and then FIAR, which covers literature, geography, social studies, and more science and art.

Character – Character First! – we’re starting out at the beginning with attentiveness, which has been really good for all three of us!

Bible – On the Way.  We’ve done three lessons on three parables about the vineyard so far.

Science – Answers in Genesis’ Life by Design – Animals.  Of course, they love animals, and pick it all up pretty well.

Art – I’ve been using an art book by Usborne; they love paint, end of story.  PS: I am not an arty person, so this is interesting, but I am surprisingly having a lot of fun with it and rediscovering the joys of getting my hands covered in mixed paints – my hands are actually far messier than theirs!

FIAR –I grew up using FIAR and Mum is addicted to it.  And it is the best resource ever; using some fantastic books, it covers all the aforementioned subjects, plus some others.  I really like the way Mum describes it; it’s like putting little water drops out there for them to explore and connect the dots with.  It’s giving them an understanding of the world from a young age without being full-blown study, in a fun way.  We covered two books in the last five weeks – Mirette, which is set in France and based on Charles Blondin, the man who walked Niagara Falls on a tightrope; and Wee Gillis, which is about a boy in Scotland.

Cooking potato farls, part of a hearty Scottish breakfast

We’ve bought scrapbooks for each of them for the different subjects, and have had a lot of fun notebooking.  Sometimes we’ve made fold-out little books based on lapbook ideas, and other times they’ve just been drawings on flat paper.  Either way, it’s considered art and therefore it’s fun and using coloured paper and scissors and glue and pencils means that I am a day off from ‘school’.  Still, they’ve managed to know the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates, so it can’t be too bad!

Walking on the highwire

I’ve learnt a lot.  To be honest, I was pretty nervous at the start, especially about using FIAR, but after the first day of finding my feet it has gone off really well.  They have gone traipsing to Thailand for two months now, but I’m really looking forward to them coming back and hopefully doing it again next year!


7 thoughts on “me, the homeschool teacher…

  1. Love the description of FIAR. I’ve been struggling with how much we should or shouldn’t be doing but that description has really helped me!! Thanks for sharing the journey with us. Would love to see more.

  2. Yes they are adorable – must take after their Mother!
    Jess, a very nice read and I know that A & M just loving having you come those two days a week. They would have you for 5 if they had the choice!
    Really looking forward to next year.

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