my 18th.

I turned eighteen a few weeks ago.  Eighteen.  I am now legally an adult who can legally drink alcohol and legally vote and change the powers of government. mwhahaha!

To start off my day I woke up and went for a walk, of all things – something unusual for someone like me to do on my birthday! For breakfast we ate pancakes, and asked for baked beans to be on the menu, to be eaten with maple syrup on pancakes.  I don’t know why, but my friends think it’s disgusting. I personally think it’s delicious.

I spent my day sewing a skirt I’ve been wanting to make for several years.  I haven’t finished it completely, and it took a while to get started because I had to do the mathematics equations, but I had a really good time.  Hayley and Nomi worked on their own sewing projects too.

In the evening Dad rang to say he was unexpectedly coming home from work in time for dinner!  We had decided to eat outside over the fire, which was not only great because of the surprisingly beautiful weather, but for an added bonus we had a power failure, which thankfully didn’t affect us at all!

Then Saturday night was my party. It was a really fun night with the friends and Church family I love, and I loved loved loved the setup.  Thanks Hayley, Jacob, Josh, Nomi, Daniel, Mum, and Dad for all your help to make it so special!

Photo credit goes to Hayley – thanks, buddy!

We had a slideshow running throughout the night, and Mum and Dad both talked a bit about some of my characteristics growing up.  Josh, Nomi, Mum and Dad read aloud some speeches from people who couldn’t make it – like my grandparents – and gave a speech or two themselves.  Then… the extra presents.  I knew this was coming, because we’ve already celebrated Josh’s 18th in a similar way, but most of the presents were different.  First of all: a NKJV chronological study Bible.  I already have a Bible, but Mum and Dad wanted one that represented that the Bible is my guide in life.

They gave me a collection of sample perfumes to represent being a fragrance when I’m around other people, and a canvas poster with She is clothed in strength and dignity, and smiles at the future – Proverbs 31.

I just LOVE it!

Last but not least, a bea-u-tiful quilt that Mum had secretly worked on since March.  Each of the blocks are from different people in my life – Mum, both my grandmothers, my great-grandma, Nomi, and friends and ladies who have an impact in my life. I just love it. 

family and friends praying

Thankyou everybody who came to make it such a special day!


8 thoughts on “my 18th.

  1. Aww, sounds like a super wonderful day! 😀 and I know how special it is to receive a quilt like that. I was given one for my 18th birthday too! I have it on my bed right now!

  2. I love that this was such a big deal and that people actually gathered around you, Jessica! Praying that God would continue to bless you in this year, giving your freedom through our Lord and Savior in Christ Jesus!

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