Professional Organising + me

This is me.  Eating a salad.  Listening to Jars of Clay whilst writing this blog post next to the piano on a clear sunny day.  And I’m excited right now, because I’m officially a student of the Professional Organiser Industry.

I’m really excited about this course because I love organising.  I go on a high from cleaning stuff out, throwing useless things away, and putting the rest back in order in a way that’ll work. I love books on time management, and it always feels great to get to use a clear, functioning space.  Some people look at me like I’m crazy but others will offer to hire me on the spot to clean out their house! Who would’ve thought one would be passionate about organising – but that’s me.  I’m using a course from Get Organised, an Australian Professional Organising business (the founder of this business really brought Professional Organising to Australia in the first place).  It’s online, self-paced, and very practical.  It’ll give me the skills to start up a business and teach me about organising and dealing with clients.

I finished school December 2011 (Australia’s school year goes from Febuary – December) but had already decided not to go to university (college), simply because there is nothing there that sparks my interest enough to spend the time and effort for three+ years at university.  Not that people shouldn’t go to uni, or that I won’t ever, but at the moment, it’s not on the table for me.

Organising course aside, I’m continuing with piano, and want to get back into playing the piano for Church regularly.  As I mentioned before, I read a lot of books while we were away overseas and I’m keen to keep that pace going.  I still have a few hours of study in the morning, for things like Bible Study, and I want to hit the road with my driver’s licence (pun intended).  Nomi and I are still involved with Mainly Music, as well as Church, of course.  I plan on writing for the blog, and sewing, and cooking, and learning to doodle (a possibly successful venture), and fiddling with graphic design, typesetting and publishing; and having people over for dinner, and family fun nights, and who knows what else.  I’m looking forward to developing skills, interests, passions, and family and friend relationships in this next phase of life!


6 thoughts on “Professional Organising + me

  1. Hi Jessica, congrats on starting that course! It sounds like you’ll really enjoy it. My mum has used a great professional organiser and was really happy with the result. I love organising stuff too, but am not sure if I’d do it for a living! 🙂

  2. Oh what fun! I love organizing, too, so I can completely understand the happiness that you get from organizing things 😀 Enjoy your course ( I know you will!!)

  3. I really love this organizing thing! So you plan to start your own organizing/cleaning business then? 🙂 You hiring? 😉
    Your plans to not do uni sound great! I love how you are going to spend that time just enjoying and learning more about all the things you like. It certainly brings new ideas to my mind. ^_^

    Can’t wait to hear how the organizing class goes for you! 😀

    1. Hi Bonnie, Jessica, and Sheillakiwi,
      Thanks for your comments! I am really excited about it and so far, am really enjoying it.

      SK – I’m not sure what will happen. Maybe, but I’m not sure if there’s the business in town. I’m coming from the perspective that until I know what’s gonna happen, I’ll just work with what God’s put in my hand right now.
      I’m glad if it gives you food for thought. Uni is great for some people, but I don’t think it’s a prerecquisit for life. Go with your passions and interests – if it takes you to College, great – give it your best – but if it takes you somewhere else, jump in and see where God’ll take you! Would love to talk to you more about it if you like. (I just tried to make ‘y’all’ fit into that sentance, but it’s just you, so ‘y’all’ doesn’t work. LOL!)


  4. Good on you Jessica! I am a professional organiser in Sydney and we are glad to have you as a part of the industry. Make sure you join AAPO if you haven’t already. It is a fabulous resource for you and your business.

    1. Hi Marie,
      Thankyou for stopping by! I’ve always loved organising but in the last few years wasn’t thinking of taking it further; I’m really glad I picked it up again though as an option, because organising really is something I love. I will have to look more into AAPO – I have looked into their site a bit already. Thanks for the heads up!

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