A new look

I’ve been kind of sick of my blog header for ages, and felt like I hadn’t quite clinched the look I’ve been looking for.  Yesterday I went ‘just looking’ for header ideas and found this via pinterest:

and it gave me an idea, to make this:

I personally think they look alike, but Mum says she just calls it inspiration!  Fair enough, I guess!

And since I really liked the header, and was very happy and excited, and had wanted to do this for ages, I made a button to go with it for any bloggy friends to share:

Jessica Letchford

Let me take a moment to point out that scroll box on the sidebar.  Since moving to WordPress, and being limited with what javascript/HTML I can use, I haven’t worked out a way to get a scroll box to work on my blog.  Last night I had this brilliant idea to check out WordPress’s forum and support pages (duh.)  I there found a link to a generator which makes the box for you!  It is so easy to use (*go, go, go look at it now!*).

I am very happy with the new look!  What say you?


7 thoughts on “A new look

  1. So cute!! I definitely like the new birdie(!!!!), but have to say I’m with your mum on this one. 😉

    I’m with Hayley, how do you get the button? 😀

    (aka Rach ;))

    1. Hi Rach and Hayley!
      Thanks! (Rach – LOL! – I will tell my my Mum that!)

      On the sidebar, underneath my profile, there should be the button and a little text box. Copy the HTML in the box and put it into a ‘text’ widget on your sidebar. Does that make sense?

      I made the button on Storybook, a digital scrapbooking program, but I’ve used Photoshop Elements in the past. I forgot to check the size for this button, but I think it’s fairly close to the standard size of 150px x 150px. When I was finished making it, I saved it as a JPEG and uploaded it to my blog (as if I was adding a photo to a post). I then went to the generator (the link is there in my post, but it’s a bit hard to see) and followed their instructions, which are really easy to follow. That included giving the URL to the photo (which is why I needed to upload it to my blog first). They then give you the code and you put it on a text widget on your sidebar. Comprendo?

      Let me know if you need more help! 😀

      1. hehe Yes, all that made sense!! I got your button up and sometime I’ll have to try making my own. 🙂 Thanks so much! 😀

        And thanks for the comment on my blog… glad you liked the pictures. ^_^

        xo in return 😉


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