Our Next Adventure

Last week was the launch of our new family blog.  We are venturing on a new adventure – overseas!

{It’s} not a holiday… it’s an adventure!

That’s right, folks, in seven weeks time, we are leaving for Turkey, Italy and Switzerland.  Sometimes I just cannot believe that I am going to visit Istanbul’s famous bazaar, or pay homage to the ANZACS from Gallipoli at the actual place, or see the Colosseum and walk where Augustus Caesar and the Apostle Paul actually walked, or lay my eyes on the seven hills that inspired the legendary Romulus and Remus to build Rome, or gaze at the beautiful alps of Switzerland.

We are intentionally using the word adventure, because it is going to be full-on excitement and busyness.  ‘It’s not a holiday’ has sort of become our catch phrase for this journey because it’s not a holiday and we are not going to come home very relaxed!  But adventure sounds more exciting, anyway.

We would love for you to join us on our adventure!


7 thoughts on “Our Next Adventure

  1. Oh, you’re going to visit Switzerland!! That’s the country I most want to visit one day! Sounds like an awesome adventure for your family! Have a great time!! 😀

  2. Wow! That’s so exciting!!! I’ve always wanted to go to Europe!!! I’m so glad you’ll be chronicling your adventure and will be sharing it with us. Have fun!!!

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