The Miracle of the Moment

 It’s time for letting go

All of our if only’s

‘Cause we don’t have a time machine

 And even if we did

Would we really want to use it?

Would we really want to go change everything?

 ‘Cause we are who and where

And what we are for now

And this is the only moment

We can do anything about!

 So breathe it in and breathe it out

And listen to your heartbeat

There’s a wonder in the here and now

It’s right there in front of you

I don’t want you to miss the miracle of the moment

– from Miracle of the Moment by Steven Curtis Chapman

I used to want everything to be perfect in my life.  I don’t mean I was a perfectionalist, but I wanted everything flowing as smoothly as an orchestra playing an andante sonatina. Let’s admit it; the rosy-coloured, rosy-cheeked world, where everything happens like they do in books or in the movies, is kind of appealing.  No embarrassing mistakes, clumsy moves, or awkward moments (unless there was a classic line to go with it, and I wasn’t the joke). Instead, we always say the most beautiful things at just the right moment, all the bad guys get caught and the good guys are made heroes, and frankly… I’m cool!  Wouldn’t a perfect world like that be loverly?

Since then I’ve come to the place where I’m glad I don’t live in a perfect world, according to my definition of the word ‘perfect’.  In my world, one person stops talking and other person starts.  In reality, however, life is messy and sometimes people are talking all at once.  In my world, everyone would have either a wonderful life, or a tragically sad one (and those are only the lonely travellers you meet every once in a while.) In reality, everybody has been on a unique journey. They’ve learnt different lessons in their own ways, and they wear scars that aren’t quite like anybody else’s.  I don’t know what it was like to live in a ‘perfect world’ in the garden of Eden, or what it will be like living in heaven where there are no more tears.  Right now, however, I’m learning the beauty of tears.  The special place a messy moment has.  In those difficult, crazy busy, laugh-till-your-side-hurts, dangerous, heart wrenching, scary, exhilarating, bittersweet, gorgeous, tearful, hurting, moments, I can see the fingerprints of grace.

There’s blood.  There’s a cross. There’s redemption in Jesus.  He’s taken out of my life the guilt and condemnation and shame, and replaced it with love, freedom, and the promise that he works all things together for good to those who love him, who are called according to his works and purposes.  This life I’ve been given, it’s right and good despite the messiness.

And so I’m learning to jump into this life and let go of my perfect world.  To learn from my mistakes, to get impromptu with my family, to pull a crazy face at the camera with my sister, to grieve and rejoice and pray with my friends, to love and build those invaluable relationships with others, to enjoy the colours and tastes and smells and adventures of life. To live in the ‘miracle of the moment’.  This is the life God’s given me.  God is in control!

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6 thoughts on “The Miracle of the Moment

  1. Great post!! This actually made me think of another song called Life Means So Much by Chris Rice. Here are the lyrics for that one. 🙂

    Every day is a journal page
    Every man holds a quill and ink
    And there’s plenty of room for writing in
    All we do is believe and think
    So will you compose a curse
    Or will today bring the blessing
    Fill the page with rhyming verse
    Or some random sketching

    Teach us to count the days
    Teach us to make the days count
    Lead us in better ways
    That somehow our souls forgot
    Life means so much
    Life means so much
    Life means so much

    Every day is a bank account
    And time is our currency
    So nobody’s rich, nobody’s poor
    We get 24 hours each
    So how are you gonna spend
    Will you invest, or squander
    Try to get ahead
    Or help someone who’s under

    Teach us to count the days
    Teach us to make the days count
    Lead us in better ways
    That somehow our souls forgot
    Life means so much
    Life means so much
    Life means so much

    Has anybody ever lived who knew the value of a life
    And don’t you think giving is all
    What proves the worth of yours and mine

    Teach us to count the days
    Teach us to make the days count
    Lead us in better ways
    That somehow our souls forgot
    Life means so much

    Every day is a gift you’ve been given
    Make the most of the time every minute you’re living


    1. Hi Rach,
      Those lyrics are beautiful – I love the bank account analogy. I have a busy day today so thanks for the reminder to ‘help someone who’s under’ despite all of that.


      1. Glad you liked it! We actually have it put up on the wall in our family room/my brother’s room. (Yes, those two rooms are combined ;)) It really is inspiring and motivating!
        Well I hope your busy day goes well then. I’m glad the song has encouraged you also. 😀

        xo in return ^_^

  2. Hi Jess,
    I feel like I only reached that moment when I was about 28 so you are 10 + years ahead of me which is a great thing! Be prepared for a wild ride but you wont regret a minute of it!

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