Renovated Bathroom

In February we decided to renovate the bathroom.  Nothing structural, but a lick of paint and some wood made all the difference!

Dad and Daniel were our handymans – took the door on and off and on and off and on again, took off all the fittings, cut the frames.  Us girls did most of the painting.


 Nomi painted the door:

The mirror was cut into two, and Dad and Daniel made frames for them and a lip and fame for the window.

Sandpaper + Jess = turns out to be a dangerous and surprising mix. I painted them dark brown, then rubbed the frames with candle wax to help the sandpaper, then painted a few coats of white paint, and then distressed them!  That was so much fun – I want to distress everything I can get my hands on after this!  Everyone thinks it’s a little out of the ordinary – I’m normally not so excited about… disorderliness.  I also painted the SPLASH letters.

Just for the fun of it we painted a blackboard behind the toilet – it is now being put to much fun use!  Nomi’s dubbed it ‘The Letchford’s Facebook Page’.  It’s complete with room to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ – not to mention ‘writing on our wall!’  Dad made the frame for this as well. Note in the photo above the little basket of chalk on the window sill.

I thought our electric toothbrushes looked a little out of place in the beautiful room, so I set out a way to disguise them.  We ended up using one of Mum’s tins from her collection that sits on top of the pantry, and Dad very cleverly cut a hole in the back for the cords to go through.  He went the extra mile and covered the raw edges with plastic and glued felt (or old hat… I’m not sure which) to the bottom of the tin so the door wouldn’t rub against the bench.

We love it and are really happy with how it turned out.  We really enjoyed the experience of it and want to renovate more of our house one day!


10 thoughts on “Renovated Bathroom

    1. Thanks Jessica! I love the distressed frames too – they were lots of fun to make! The ‘facebook wall’ was Nomi’s idea and doing. It is being put to very good use!

  1. This is so fun! I LOVE the family facebook wall. Such cute ideas, and your distressed mirrors are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kelly! The Wall is lots of fun – we are constantly writing fun things on there. And the distressed mirrors were so much fun to do; I will distress anything!

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