we. are. fam-ily!

Left-Right: Daniel 12, Jess 17, Mum, Dad, Josh 18, Nomi 14


6 thoughts on “we. are. fam-ily!

    1. I thought that question was going to pop up. Forget it.


      A.Andrea took it for us Sunday morning. The rest of the family then came down for brekky which was lots of fun!

  1. Beautiful photo! We try to take a ‘family pic’ at least once a year, but it is hard with nine of us to take a even sort of nice one of ALL of us at the SAME time!!

    Outdoor pics are the best, I reckon!!

    Love Emily

    1. Thanks Emily! We like to take a family photo once a year as well, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen! Nine people – that is a lot of people to get together, organised, and smiling at the same time!! 🙂 And yes – outdoor photos look so relaxed and natural, even if they are posed. The scenery adds to the photo, too.

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