The Story – this looks awesome!

Think of it… God’s story – our story – the Bible – in music!  This is an album with 24 different artists singing 18 songs, telling the stories of the Bible.   It looks beautiful!

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “The Story – this looks awesome!

  1. WOW! that is amazing!!! I clicked on it and watched the video, and it WAS Awesome!!
    I know what I’d like for Christmas!!!
    Love Emily Grace

    1. Ditto (about Christmas! quite appropriate too hey!) I haven’t watched the video actually – I’ve just read about it. I accidentally clicked ‘play’ for Steven Curtis Chapman’s song, so I heard a little bit of that. It sounds good. The whole idea just sounds bea-u-tiful!

  2. I own the CD now, and it really is amazing!! I would suggest it to anyone and everyone. The music is inspiring, powerful and really fun to listen to. 😀

    I LOVE it. 🙂
    God Bless,

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