The Journey Is Different

A few months ago, Mum had an amazing opportunity to give a video workshop with a lady from the States, Bev Linder.  All right, so it wasn’t exactly with – but Mrs Linder was doing a series of video workshops, called There’s a Person in There, and asked Mum if she’d like to get involved.  Mr and Mrs Linder started a ministry called Special-Heart, for families with kids with special needs.

My bro Daniel has some learning difficulties.  He’s overcome a lot of that now, but it was a huge learning curve for Mum to think outside of the box to parent and teach him.  She did an amazing job.  Daniel actually filmed the video – you can read Daniel’s response to the project at my Mum’s blog.


You can watch to the free workshops on their website, including Mum’s – The Goal is the Same; The Journey is Different – so jump on over to watch it and the others in the series.  Not to mention, for all you Americans out there, you get to hear my Mum speak a genuine Australian accent! 😀


If you’ve watched the video, let me assure you – the ground was not hot.  And it’s actually harder to walk that walk with shoes on.  Maybe that just proves the point!  If you want to know what on earth I’m talking about… go over and watch Mum’s video!


7 thoughts on “The Journey Is Different

  1. Hello… I just happened to come across your blog. I happened to be on the same side of the hemisphere as you do. 🙂
    Love your posts.
    Keep shining your light for Jesus.
    In Christ.

  2. Everyone here loves your mum’s video (and of course her Australian charm) and the content is so wonderful. Still, I just cannot believe that those rocks are not hot!

    Your family has been an inspiration to me and I’m so glad that I have gotten to be a part of your lives via this project.

    Happy Birthday, Jessica.

    Bev Linder

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mrs Linder! It has been so nice to get involved with your family’s ministry.

      Honestly, the rocks were fine. And if they were hot, they weren’t if you kept moving and wet your feet!! Living in the Kimberley normally means you get pretty tough feet!

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