I’m Seventeen!

yaaah… I’m seventeen!  Wow – it seems like only a year ago that I turned ten and went to Darwin with Mum, and blindfolded with an apron and was lead to my new blue bike as an eleventh birthday present – and was it really five years ago that I turned twelve?!  Wow.  I can remember thinking to myself how mature I would be when I was a teenager, and how teenagers were so. be awesome.   Sadly, I’m not as cool as I imagined myself to be!

(note the fly on my arm… a natural part of living up in the Kimberley!)

Anyway, thank you sixteen for everything I went through, and hello seventeenyearoldhood!  I”m looking forward to whatever God is going to do this year!

This year, to celebrate, I had some families over on the day before my birthday and we played board games before pizza and an old-fashioned movie night.   By old-fashioned movie night, I mean popcorn (popped from an old-fashioned red popcorn machine and poured into homemade red boxes), lollies in newspaper cones, and a movie outside on a big screen.  We watched My Fair Lady, which I hadn’t seen before, and I think everybody really enjoyed it! ( on the plain, in spain….)   It was glorious fun!

On my birthday I spent the day sewing a top (photos coming!), talking to extended family and friends, watching the old TV series Christy, playing Take Two and Sequence with my family, and listening to Keith Green’s music.  It was a quiet day but full of fun and the things I love.

I wonder what the next twelve months will look like? 🙂


6 thoughts on “I’m Seventeen!

  1. Happy Birthday, Jessica!

    Yes, those years certainly seem to fly! I can even remember when *I* turned 17! LOL!

    May the Lord bless you with His wisdom, grace and peace!

    In His Love,

    ~Mrs. Trisch ( the Seven Sisters’ mama!)

  2. Happy Birthday Jessica!!

    17 is the perfect age 😉 When I was a little girl, I always pretended that I was seventeen 😀

    Happy, happy birthday! I hope your 17th year is wonderful!

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes Mrs Trisch, Jessica, Eyebright, Abby and Meggie! They make my day!

    Abby – I can’t wait either! I will try and email soon!

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