2011 Ag Show

Last weekend was our local Agricultural show.  This weekend in July is always something our family ‘does’ and loves.  Because of another commitment on the Saturday we just threw our heart into Friday afternoon and walked… and walked… and walked…

There are horse events all day Friday and Saturday, but the show itself is only open Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.  On Friday morning we had a great time watching our friends do horse dressage.  As soon as we arrived in the afternoon we made a beeline for the pavilion, where Daniel, Nomi and I had entered things into the children’s sections.  Although I wasn’t as keen as I had been in other years to enter in a lot of things, I did want to put in a decent effort because it was my last year in the children’s section before joining the adults (yikes – scary!).  In the end I entered in seven things, including four photos.  I actually put two of these flower photos into the adult section because there wasn’t an appropriate category for them in my age group.

I won a first for a stationary compodium, and a third for a waterbotttle bag (posts coming soon!) In photography I won a first for a photo of an owl.  Overall, I’m satisfied with the results and can contentedly leave the kids’ section forever. 🙂

The Homeschoolers put up a display for the Under 18’s Display – and won first, for two years running!

Our poster – ironically it’s of the Ag show!

We wandered over to the Pet Pavillion and although there were hardly any animals that time on a Friday afternoon they were letting you hold a snake.  Admittedly, it was a python, and not even an extremely big python, but hey, it was a snake!  I don’t like snakes, but for some strange reason I wanted to hold him (or her!)

I held a snake.

I held a snake.

I held a snake!


Dad and us kids went on the bumper cars, an old family favourite.

Tough love, right?! LOL!

We checked out some displays, caught up with friends, and did our annual pilgrimage to the cattle pens, for the love of our father.  After doing this little ‘pilgrimage’ as we call it, for so many years, I would actually be quite disappointed if we missed visiting the cows.

On our way back we had some time to kill before the fireworks so we looked around at some displays.  The first stop was a leather shop, and Daniel left with a whip!  He’s been practicing diligently over the weekend and it sounds great!

The SciTech van was here, so we spent some time there listening to these wildly enthusiastic people talk about science.

Finally, the fireworks were ready.  Sadly they kept the loud background rock music playing during the fireworks so you couldn’t hear the resounding BOOM.  We reckon that the Hallelujah chorus would have worked really well though.  “haaa – boom boom – lay – boom boom – luuu – boom boom – jaaahh! – boom boom boom boom!” 🙂
I actually think this was one of the best Ag shows I’ve ever been to.  I don’t know that the organisers did anything excessively different to their effort – which is always amazing anyway – but maybe just trying to do everything in one afternoon made it very sweet and special.


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