Our Character First! Weekend

You may have noticed I haven’t written on here for a while (well, obviously you would have noticed, if you are a regular on my blog!).  For a while I just didn’t have much to say so I decided to ease up and give it a break for a few weeks.  About a year ago I formed a mini-philosophy that since the world has done just fine without my blog for roughly 5,000 years, it could probably continue doing fine for a few days or weeks!  But I’ve been seeing my Mum write for her blog recently and it inspired me.

We had a Character First! Family Seminar on Saturday.  The Australian Director for Character First! (Mr E) came up for the long weekend to do a couple of things around town.  If you don’t know what Character First! is, it’s an organization that teaches character to all sorts of spheres – individuals, families, schools, and businesses.  On the Saturday we had an all-day community seminar, which introduced Character First! and explained the importance of character.  I ran the kids club, with my siblings’ and friends’ help.  I felt a bit stressed by it, because I felt under-prepared and like I was leaving things too last-minute, but really, it worked out OK.  I probably could have done a little more prep for the afternoon’s activities, but we managed to have fun and I hope they learnt something!  We looked at self-control in the morning and then gratefulness in the afternoon – two of the 49 character traits Character First! teaches.

That’s me teaching self-control to the kids. I have a brilliant talent for closing my eyes for candid camera shots!  By the way, that is a pinboard behind me.  How funky is that?!  The coloured paper is the definition for self-control and its five ‘I-Wills’, or statements.

Sunday morning, Mr E preached, and then we had a potluck for the Christians around town in the evening, on our lawn.  It was cold that night!  If we hadn’t had such a good, strong fire going – we have a circle in our lawn for fires, and Dad put a wire fence of sorts around it so little kids couldn’t get too close! – I don’t know if we could have handled it!  Now, I must admit, we’re talking at about 11 degrees Celsius, but for the Kimberley, where it’s allegedly hot, that’s freezing, especially if you aren’t dressed in your Eskimo outfit. 😉  Anyway, it was a good night and a good talk.  I love potlucks.

So what did I learn from this weekend?

  • Us four and two friends who helped run the kids’ club took Mr E out for lunch on Friday after he arrived and we had a fantastic time talking about our identity in Christ.  I’m encouraged that God has given us such an awesome identity, we just need to take hold of it and live by it!
  • For a kids club like I ran on Saturday; have a couple of extra ideas up my sleeves.  I did for self-control, but not so much for gratefulness.
  • Don’t stress Jess!
  • To do such a thing with God is so important! (Psalm 127:1)
  • I definitely have room for improvement when it comes to leading a group in an activity.  It’s one thing to talk up from the front, but another to do a craft activity with 15 kids!  My friend did an excellent job in getting the kids to harmoniously get the craft done; maybe I need to ask her for her secrets.
All in all, I had a great time and learnt a lot!

5 thoughts on “Our Character First! Weekend

  1. Well done, Jess! It looks like it went really well. I think it’s really good that you can identify what could have been done better, so that you are more prepared for next time.

    Also – cool glasses and pretty haircut 🙂


  2. I totally agree!! 11 degrees celsius is freeeezing! (definitely deserves an Eskimo suit!)

    Glad you could have a good time and gain some new experience.


  3. Hi Hayley, Was wondering if you could give me some direction I live in a small country town
    in WA and feel the leading of the Lord to start A Kids Club I have seen Character First and
    think this would be a great program to run I just need some know how on how to start it up.
    Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated….. Bless You Jennifer Miller

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