‘Jess’s Do NOT List’, by Nomi

You read that right folks, a do not list… I found this in a box under my bed on Friday.  Nomi voluntarily wrote it for me a few years ago and left it on my pillow one morning.  I think I was going through a faze of making her bed for her, and it was annoying her! So she gave me a couple of pearls of wisdom…



It arrived all envelope-like, taped together on one side. (note the stamp!)

Front and back!

And here is the do NOT do list itself:


5 thoughts on “‘Jess’s Do NOT List’, by Nomi

  1. hahahahaha…. 😀 Good job Nomi! The only thing is, I must confess that I select while a read, and I do make my sisters bed everynow and again! Something I want to know is, what if you digress from this list? 😀


  2. Haha, that’s funny! I think I still have a few old notes that my siblings have written to me, but I certainly never got a “Do Not!” list! It’s cute. 🙂

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