Linkidy Links: 30 May 2011

Some of these links have stacked up in my ‘to post’ pile but I wanted to post them anyway.  If you have anything to say about any of these links I’d like to hear your thoughts!  Enjoy!

Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom – This. is. incredible. Who wouldn’t want a bedroom like this (forget the boys my friend reckons!)

The Pastor who Jogged while Mowing his Lawn – this picture brought about a good conversation Sunday morning breakfast!  Are we ‘busy’ (but lazy) or fruitful? And are we balancing our lives with work and play?

Teach Your Daughters Wailing – I know I’m the daughter and this was a parenting article of sorts but was a good article anyway on caring and wailing for the things that God cares over, and acting on it.

The Feminisation of Worship Songs At Musicadamy Sarah does a good job in answering the tricky question, “Do you think that there are too many ‘feminine’, ‘Jesus, you’re my boyfriend’ songs out there and do you think they put men off coming to church because it is hard for men to think in terms of ‘falling in love’ with Jesus?”

What Not To Wear – This was a helpful article on modesty from Girls Gone Wise based on what Paul talks about in 1 Timothy, put in a very practical way!

Homeschool Graduation and our Confidence –  Susannah Forster wrote an encouraging speech for her graduation on living a victorious life everyday, because we are Christians.


2 thoughts on “Linkidy Links: 30 May 2011

  1. Hi Jess, I checked out the Piratship bedroom and he What Not To Wear, wow that bedroom is stunning, I showed it to my younger sister and she immediatly turned to Mum and said, “Mum, do you think Dad could build us one of them?” 😀
    What Not to Wear was a good article, and not the usual modesty article, it put a new light on it for me and digging into the Greek words is something I always love.


    1. Hey Meggie
      Yup that boys’ bedroom is pretty neat! I liked the What Not to Wear article because it wasn’t legalistic like so many other modesty articles can be, but it was practical.

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