The Purple Flower Photo Shoot

On holidays we stayed at our grandparent’s place for a few weeks.  Grandma and Grandad have a beautiful garden and one morning I just had to go and try photographing it!  I’m pretty sure these flowers don’t grow in the tropics, where we live, but I think they’re really pretty, so most of the time my camera was on them!  Because it was drizzling while I was outside I was able to capture the raindrops as well (it looks like the early morning dew, but I didn’t get up early enough for that!)  Enjoy!

And one for artistic good measure…  🙂 I had fun trying different angles and focusing the camera on different parts, though this photo mightn’t show it real well.  My proportions aren’t perfect, but I like to experiment!  Practice makes perfect…  Mum often says that to take one good photo, you have to take lots of photos.  I must have taken about 100 photos of these purple ones alone!


6 thoughts on “The Purple Flower Photo Shoot

  1. They are gorgeous flowers, I think we might have some in our backyard. The rain is great on flowers arent they? There very clear on your photos.


  2. Hi Jess,

    Your grandma and pa, have a beautiful garden…. and your photos were beautiful too. Looks like your almost perfect, when it comes to taking photos !!!

    OX A BB

  3. GREAT photos, Jess! My favourite is the first one. I really like how you were able to get the water droplets on the flowers too. I shall have to remember that next time I’m bored and it’s raining.


    1. Thanks Hayley – I think the first one is the best but I like the second last one too, with just the bud.

  4. Beautiful photos, Jessica! Like Meggie, I think the rain drops on the petals are just gorgeous. I’ve made the first one as my desktop background. You did very well. Keep it up!

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