Feeling Under Pressure?

Over the last year – or maybe two! 🙂 – I’ve been involved in a lot of different projects – school aside, there’s mainly music once a week, and the recipe book we made for Mothers’ Day in May; Keepers (life-skills program) and its homework every fortnight; I helped out with the Carols by Candlelight night last December, and I organised a couple of Activity Bag swaps. There were other things too, and sometimes I had several projects on the go at once, which caused me some pressure! What helped me to get through those things was Mum’s listening ear, who after hearing me rant about’ how I was feeling stressed’ and ‘had too much on’ and how I ‘didn’t want to do it anymore’, helped me to pull myself together – because I can’t back out now! – and then helped me think through what things I needed to do next.


When I have several jobs buzzing around in my brain, big or small – everyday things or a one-off opportunity – and I start to feel the pressure mounting, I like to go through this process:

  • Stop. Count to ten. Breathe. Go for a walk and get your act together! This is not the end of the world – believe it! The Bible says, ‘cast all your cares on to him who cares about you’ (1 Peter 5:7), so when I feel stressed because I can sense the deadlines creeping up on me, I need to hand them over to God and know that he is control of every little thing in this world. I like to remember that the sky is not falling on me, and that I am not stuck in this situation forever – I will get through this!
  • Now that the pressure is gone, it helps to take the mental space to think through what needs to be done. For example, heres’ some things I needed to do this week (and in no particular order):

· I need to finish my keepers homework

· I need to bake for mainly music’s adult morning tea

· I need to practice the piano

· I need to finish the magazine I’m typesetting

  • What is the most important thing to do? What needs doing now? If I have something happening in on Tuesday and on Friday that both need preparation, I obviously should do the Tuesday’s preparation first, because I can finish my work for Fridays’ commitment after Tuesday is over! It sounds obvious, but I do fall into the trap of doing the least important thing, first.
  • Go do it! Instead of making a list and then following it, I’m prone to fluff around and procrastinate. Generally speaking, it doesn’t get the jobs done, so I recommend putting down that list, choosing a job and rising to tackle the challenge.


What have you found helps you when you feel under pressure?

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4 thoughts on “Feeling Under Pressure?

  1. Hi Jess,
    After reading your, Feeling under Pressure, I thought, you know God only gives us today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet…. and working out what is the most important things to do today…. is all we can do, to get ready for tomorrow. I think your on the right track !!! You just have choose a the jobs for today, and rise to the challenge.

    I”m very proud of you for all the things you are doing !!! Bless you, and love you heaps Jess !!!
    ox A. BB

  2. Hi Jess,

    Yes, I am definatly a ranter, I tend to talk everyones ears off, in stressful times I do tend to procrastinate more than I would usually, it just makes it that little bit harder, but once I get into a rythm (check my list and DO the job no matter how much I would rather do something else) I find that I can get more done in smaller time if I am focused on what needs to get done and not sidetracked.

    Thanks for this post, I am going through a stressful time at the moment.


  3. Just do something 🙂 Often when I am thinking of everything that needs to be done, I’m sitting around thinking it all through. Just getting one thing done off the list gives lots more motivation to go on to the next 🙂

    “Go do it! Instead of making a list and then following it, I’m prone to fluff around and procrastinate. Generally speaking, it doesn’t get the jobs done, so I recommend putting down that list, choosing a job and rising to tackle the challenge.”–yup 🙂

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