Reading Logs

A few years back my Mum set Josh and I up on something called ‘reading logs’, as a place to record the books we’ve read throughout the year.  Honestly, for a while it was a bit of a hassle, but after a month (or two or three!) I started to enjoy logging in what books I was reading and categorising them, although it still takes a bit of effort today to remember to update the log when I have finished a book!  When I look at a page full of book records they really start to shine.  It is such a satisfying feeling to look at my log, full of the books I’ve read, and see what I’ve accomplished!

Here’s a picture of the last one I filled to the brim (and then some!):

It’s also been a good way to see at a glance how many books I’m reading so I can see which books I should spend a bit more time reading.  I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who can easily have five books on the go and one book can slip through the cracks!

These are things I enter in my log:

  • Title of the book
  • Author/s
  • The series, if applicable
  • Category number (1. history; 2. science; 3. Australian history; 4. Literature/classics; 5. Christian reading; 6. Worldview/apologetics, 7. Other; 8. Recreational; 9. Read aloud.  These I’ve listed on the page itself for easy reference)
  • Date finished
  • Notebook page ideas/topics
  • Have I finished the notebook page?
  • Did I use a bookmark (paper for note-taking folded into a bookmark) or did I use a reading journal, or did I do neither?

This is what my current log looks like – basically the same as my last one, it just looks a little neater!  Feel free to click on the image to get a better look at it.

Probably the biggest benefit of a reading log, for me, has to see how well I’m balancing different books.  By looking at the category numbers, I can see if I’ve read too may recreational books and not much history.  I can tell at a glance that I haven’t read anything under worldview or apologetics for a long time; do I want to change that?  Although I’m not too fussy about distributing my books’ content evenly, it can be helpful when choosing what book I’ll read next, and how much time I’m spending reading fiction.  Besides that, I love having a record of what all the books I have read.  It’s worth doing.

So tell me: do you use a log of sorts?  How does yours work?  Do you try to manage your books evenly amongst content or do not worry about it too much?


14 thoughts on “Reading Logs

  1. I love writing down what books I’ve read, too! A friend and I are always comparing our lists at the end of the year to see who read the most…usually she wins! 😀 I also appreciate the ability to see what kind of books I’m reading…it keeps me from reading too many ‘candy’ books without having enought ‘protein’ books 😀 That’s a good idea to categorize them. I just use a journal and write down the title and author.

    I also log my sewing projects…it gives a great sense of accomplishment!

  2. My favorite book log is Goodreads. It makes everything very easy, and I can share it with my friends! I still have the same problem though, of remembering to update it. 😉

    1. I’m on goodreads (as you know!! :)) but I prefer seeing my list at a glance, and I find goodreads too over-the-place for that, personally. I enjoy Goodreads for fun though!

  3. I have done something of the sort on and off for awhile. At the moment I have opened an account with Shelfari, which will hopefully help in that area. I do try to distribute my books as envenly as possible between two catogries, fiction and christian non-fiction, those are what I try to even out the most.


  4. I used to (occasionally) log the books I read, but that kinda petered out…

    And, sadly, if I had a log, at the moment it would list: Bible, anatomy textbook, anatomy textbook, and anatomy textbook!


      1. Lol, it sounds much worse than it is! Anatomy may be time-consuming, but at least it is an awesome subject! I really enjoy it…

  5. Wow, I really like your website! It is AWESOME!
    Yes, I do have a log for my books (although it is not as detailed as yours). I have a journal and each year I create a new section in it to write down all the books I read. I put down the title, the author, the date I finished it and the number that book was for the year. Sometimes I like to go back and look at the books I read; this provides a very organized way to keep track of them.

    God bless,

  6. alas . . . I am one of those un-organized people who doesn’t keep a book log. That said, I do try to vary my reading and not read too many of the same kind of book in a row. Doesn’t always work though :). I want to be able to have a data-base with all of our books on it and comments of people who read them (just short ones like ‘good’, or ‘really bad’, or ‘for girls only’, or ‘EXTRA EXTRA good!!’). But we’ll see.

    1. *in dreamy voice* hmmm… *end dreamy voice* We want to scan all our books in with a book scanner – yeah, ONE day. If you ever do that I volenteer my services to give book recomendations. It’s a bargain you can’t resist, because I am prone to be generous with my book recomendations. 🙂

      Thanks for all the comments!

  7. I kept on last year because I was trying to read 100 books in a year (“only” made it to 80ish I think). But this year….um…not as well. 🙂 I should though.

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