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Living in remote Australia, hundreds and hundreds of kilometers away from a craft shop, it’s hard to find material for us to use.  Our town doesn’t have a craft shop, and Spotlight – Australia’s largest ‘craft warehouse’ – only produces a small catalogue and doesn’t have an online shop, so it’s nearly impossible to buy material from them if you’re not in-store.  It leaves us in a predicament.  We want material – but with nowhere to buy it from!  (We don’t even have sheep we can can shear and make our own material from!)

But… we found a solution (outside of the sheep idea!)

We discovered that there’s a few online, Australian, material shops around!  yay yay yay!  So, for the benefit of any other Australian crafters out there, here are the few we’ve found that have become our favourites:

Quilt Fabric Delights – technically speaking it’s for quilting, I guess, but we’ve used the material for all sorts of things!  The “make life” fabric I used for my denim bag was from here.

Funky Fabrix – This one is absolutely fantastic!  One day a friend turned up at our house with a stack of funky fabrics, which we pounced upon, then wondered how come we couldn’t find the website ourselves!

We are starting to make better use of Lincraft too.  Lincraft is another warehouse of sorts but has a better online store than Spotlight.  It is particularly good for dressmaking material.

I’m sure there are a few more gems out there awaiting our discovery, but these three have supplied us fairly well.  Funky Fabrix and Quilt Fabric Delights might be slightly more expensive than Spotlight, but we think it’s worth the extra price.    I’m keeping my eye out for ads of other material suppliers in the back of craft magazines; our favourite is Homespun magazine.  I wonder if, since the AU Dollar is doing so well at the moment, whether checking out some online American stores might be a good idea too.

So, whether we are an Australian or not, tell me – where do you find your material from (online and in-store)?

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4 thoughts on “Online material shops

  1. Wow! I never thought about not having a local fabric store to go to! And I complain about ours being a half hour in the wrong direction (we don’t do our shopping in the same town, so we have to make a special trip) 🙂 I like getting my fabric at Walmart, JoAnns, and Hobby Lobby 🙂 Joanns and Hobby Lobby are the best because they are always having sales and coupons 🙂 Walmart just raises the prices on low-quality fabric!

    We love going into JoAnns and ‘just look’ at all the wonderful fabric and crafty things 😀

    1. Well, we used to have a craft shop, maybe six years ago, but I don’t think we ever bought fabric from them (not that we had a large supply anyway, since we’re a small town) We bought beads, fimo (a modelling clay) and other little things, like threads.

      Looking is so much fun! 🙂

  2. I’m a big fan of funky fabrics too! My favorite though, is Hawthore Threads!!! They’re based overseas but I found them cheaper than funky fabrics, they have an almost completely different range and the delivery only took about a week at a comparable price (too the Gold Coast) Here’s the link…
    I hope you like it!!

    1. Wow Linda… thankyou so much! The range looks fantastic and inspiring! I’ve heard that buying material in the US isn’t that much more pricey than buying it in Australia; that would be especially true with the dollar being so good right now. I think we’ll be going shopping! 🙂

      Thanks again!

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