The latest stitch: denim bag

Yesterday afternoon I finished my ‘project’, much to my excitement.  I’d been working on it on-and-off for the last fortnight, and I decided to finish it off on a rainy Saturday (I love rainy Saturdays for that reason – craft!)

I wanted a small bag for those occasions where I don’t actually need a book, but need to take little bits and pieces with me.  Because most of the time I do need a book my bags are really all too big for phones and such.  Today I took it to Church and found I could fit my clutch bag and the entire series of ‘Little Women’ in one volume, so while it is small enough to look natural without a book it will squeeze a book in as well, making it a very practical bag!

Because I couldn’t find any patterns I liked online or in our books, I pinned strips of paper together to understand the size and structure.  Then, I made it out of leftover denim from a pair of jeans, and the ‘make life’ fabric was fabric I had, just waiting for the perfect project to use it with!

The handle is an unwanted belt of Mum’s.  Actually it’s my favourite part of the bag.  I wanted to incorporate the buckle into the handbag, so after much thought I learnt how to add an eyelet to the side of the bag, so the buckle works just like it does on a belt.  At the moment the other side of the belt is held on by a nappy safety pin, but I plan to replace it with maybe a button.  I thought about adding a zip across the top but instead learnt how to add snap fasteners, which although was quite tricky was worth the effort.

All in all, I’m really, really happy with it!


13 thoughts on “The latest stitch: denim bag

  1. Jessica, I love it! The bag is so cute!!

    I think that is so neat how you designed it yourself and even a bit frugally… I wish I had your creativity. 🙂

    You did a great job, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I just love it, and it was a great learning process. Although the belt was being resourceful, they make the best, easiest handles, and Mum just happened to have the perfect one around!

      1. Yeah, and I wouldn’t have even known the handle/strap was a used belt if you hadn’t said so! It makes me want to put to that use all the fabric belts I have that I don’t use anymore. 😀

  2. Thats so awesome Jess! Great job, I really like that fabric ‘make life’ that you used, did you just get it from Spotlight or somewhere?


    1. Meggie: Thanks! I love that material too, and it took quite a bit of humming and ahhing before plucking up the courage to go and use it instead of letting it sit there in my box of material! Mum bought it for me from a website; They might be a little more expensive than Spotlight but living so far away from a Spotlight makes it hard to order fabrics from them, as their website isn’t well set up and the catalogue only shows a handful of things. Maybe I should write up a post on some online fabric shops!

      Kira: it’s funny the things you can reuse for something different, isn’t it? 🙂 Do you sew much? I’ve seen an old blog post or two of your projects, but do you sew, or craft, much nowadays? What sort of crafts do you like doing?

      1. Jess: I haven’t taken out my sewing machine in several months I’m afraid! I took a break from it for a while, but when I took it out one day I started having problems with it, later the needle broke, and I just kinda gave up on it for a bit I guess!

        The only sewing I do now is by hand, and that has only been for a few small random crafts. Otherwise, the crafts I do now are when I find ways to reuse and repurpose various things (like my pop can pencil holder and the magazine page bows). Other than that, I enjoy knitting and crocheting and playing around with different patterns for those.

        Needless to say, come summer, I would like to dive back into sewing on my machine and eventually start a nice-size project. Though, the problem with me is I tend to get in way over my head and then give up completely because I started off with more than I could handle. 😀
        I definitely want my grandma over soon – she is awesome at sewing! Maybe she could give me some more pointers…

        Anyways, you inspire me, Jess! Keep us up-to-date with your latest crafts and projects!

  3. Very good job! It’s so cute! I have also had a hard time finding a bag that holds all that I need, but isn’t a backpack. I’m glad you found one! My roommate and I recently designed a pattern for a bird finger puppet that I hope to design a tutorial for. It was definitely a learning experience!

  4. Kira, not sewing, or cardmaking, or rubberstamping, or whatever – that’s OK. Right now your creative outlet might be resourcefully reusing/recycling things – and that’s creative too! Our family is all creative – it is just expressed differently. Josh doesn’t like to sew or draw, but he is a great writer, and Daniel, he’s a very creative builder. Dad’s very creative when we’re out camping and he comes up with very unique creations. Creativity is ‘looking at something from a different perspective’ So don’t stop what you’re doing! You are being creative!

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