Eight things I learnt about communicating

Well folks, our family all arrived home from our holidays last Tuesday, in one piece, but probably more wacky than ever!  We had a great time – it was different; it wasn’t so much of a restful holiday as much as a doing holiday, but it was good to get away and meet new people and old friends and experience new things; including the Longreach Airport, the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and a different type of Church service to what us kids were used to (we loved it though!).  We met up with nearly all our cousins and relatives and watched the news in shock as the Queensland floods rolled on.  Thankfully we, and most of our extended family, weren’t affected by the floods, but to drive through Brisbane and see and smell the aftermath of what will change so many people’s lives, that was sobering.

We spent a couple of hours at Longreachs’ Airplane Museum, where our airport services first took to the air.  After roaming through the museum itself we took a tour on the big Boeing 747 plane that resides next door.

I had a blast inside the Australian Stockmans’ Hall of Fame – I mean a blast. During the two hours we spent there I was zooming through everything as fast as I could process the information, trying to soak up as much of it as possible.  The Hall of Fame covered the First Fleet and the explorers, the pioneers and the stockmen.  I was ecstatic because it combined my love for pioneers with my interest in Australian history!

Being around so many people, I was able to test out my speaking skills, and discovered a few communication skills to work on.

  • Look people in the eye, otherwise they’ll lose you
  • Know what you are going to say before you say it, so you don’t draaaag out what you are trying to say
  • Smile and introduce yourself to new people – as a guest that was an awkward thing to do, but when people did it to me I really appreciated it.  If the majority of new people are like me, its intimidating to be just that – the newbie.  Please help us out.
  • Shake hands, even if it requires putting out your hand first.  Take the scary step and show confidence!
  • Show interest in what the other person is talking about, even if you aren’t interested in [insert subject you find most uninteresting]
  • Don’t carry on a conversation with Jenny when Tommy can’t be a part of it.  I know I catch myself with this a lot but I also know it isn’t much fun to be the Tommy!
  • It takes two people to carry on a conversation, I’ve heard it said, and I’m not both of them!  Don’t carry on a conversation by yourself in front of others!
  • Speak loudly and confidently

These things aren’t just things I’ve observed – I’m sure I’ve broken them all at one point or another, and I am still working on them too, but I think it’s important to become, in the words of my Dad, a good conversationalist.  Merely holding the content to share in your head isn’t enough.  You need the communication skills to match.


One thought on “Eight things I learnt about communicating

  1. Yes, I have been to the Stockmans Hall of Fame, it is so big and there was so many displays it was very interesting. How did you enjoy the airplane? I will be going on one for the first time next year so I am a little scared.
    Those a great points about being a conversationalists. There are quite a few I hadnt heard of before. Thanks for sharing, I got a lot of practice up in that area when we moved house and I got a whole new church and circle of friends I had to make. But now that I am not ‘new’ anymore I find myself sliding back into a rut of bad conversation. Thanks for the reminder.


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