Internet Reading Lately

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In other news – well, I’ve tried not to read too many blog posts in the mornings when I check my emails over breakfast or at nighttime but, well, I’ve read these over the last few weeks:

What Aslan means to Liam Neeson – I thought this was pretty sad.  Although I enjoy the movies it’s sad to see what the characters are really like and really believe and it’s sad to see how the voice of Aslan in the movies sees Aslan, God and Buddha in the same boat.

Over the last few monthsI’ve followed this fantastic blogger Tim Challies at

Rejoice with those who rejoice: – a bittersweet story which reminded me to be with other people, loving them and ‘living in harmony with one another’

He Has No Claim: When I sent this to my Mum via email she replied with a ‘Wahoo!’ Go read it!

Yet again, by Alex and Brett inspired me to read hard, good books, through their post Think Hard Things: I’ve already chosen my next lot of books to read over the holidays but after reading this I’ve been more aware of the books I choose to read.

Kira posted this interesting article at her blog about glass bake ware.  Thankfully this has never happened to us either.  As Mum pointed out it seems to happen when you drastically change the temperature – e.g. from freezer to oven.

I’m Tired, Lord.  I enjoyed reading this ‘list’ of sorts from YLCF[.org] for tired people:  And since then I’ve had Bullfrogs and Butterflies’ songs stuck in my head!

God, Stuff and Money – I sent this on to my Dad as this idea in scripture – seeking God’s Kingdom first – fascinates him.  I hope you enjoy it too:


4 thoughts on “Internet Reading Lately

  1. Oh, oh! We used to listen to “Bullfrogs and Butterflies” on a record when I was little 😀 Lol! I very well remember that song…and Mommy singing it to us when it was time to get up!


  2. These are great reads, Jess!

    Thanks for including me in your links. 🙂 About the glassware – it’s kinda freaky isn’t it?! You’re right about the change in temperature causing it – before I heard about it I never would have thought that could happen.

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