I love it when things work! (and other stories from our life)

It never seems to stop being quiet busy around here… wonder why sometimes! It’s crazy to think 2010 is nearly at its close. As my friend pointed out to me last week, “it should be term two – two years ago!” Surprisingly it’s only six more weeks till Christmas!

This week Mum and I put the final touches on the magazine Mum acts as Editor for. Ideally three times a year, we produce a magazine under another organization, which means we collect articles, edit them, send away for proofing, design the front and sometimes back cover, change a few things, find photos, typeset, check, change a few things and then send it away for printing! Although it can be tedious I find the work a lot of fun, however I have learnt – the hard way – to take a break every hour and jump on the trampoline for a few minutes. (For all those fellow Toyota-lovers out there, I’ve been practicing my ‘Oh-what-a-feeling,-Toyota!’ jump.)


An old, old friend arrived back in town last week and sent us kids – at least, Nomi, Daniel and I – through the roof with excitement. We’ve been seeing him, his wife and two beautiful daughters every couple of days and am really enjoying having them around again!


Mum’s computer, in her own words, ‘kaput-ed’ on Tuesday. Every email that came through, every email contained in any and every folder she clicked, was immediately classified as spam and was banned to the junk folder. After a stressful evening for Mum, we figured it out (google – you’re amazing)


We were sucked into watching “Junior Masterchef”, a reality-TV cooking show adapted for kids. It was incredible to watch these 12yo making extraordinary dishes and 9yo’s baking Donna Hay’s four-layered chocolate cake! Although it is intimidating to see these kids, who are four to six years younger than I, cook such amazing dishes when I think pancakes are a feat, it does serve as a good reminder to pursue what you are passionate about. (and to get into the kitchen a little more often…)


The other night Daniel raced out of the bathroom to ask me how I would feel about catching a spider. I would much rather face a spider than a snake any day – regardless of the size, but I must admit I was nervous as I didn’t know if this enormous spider was poisonous or not. In the end Josh informed me it wasn’t, which is good to know. 😉  I felt very heroic.

I had a lively, experimental, hand-stretching piano practice on Wednesday and started teaching myself a song. I love it that I am able to do that, instead of entirely relying on what my piano teacher wants me to do. I love my piano teacher to bits, and need what she’s teaching me, but it’s fun being able to teach myself songs on my own as well.


I have delved into a crafty faze [insert Maxwell Smart voice] and… lovin’ it.   Recently I finished a small project – a bookmark, with magnets sandwiched in-between the fabric. I also managed to cut up the material for a second and am going to attempt tweaking the instructions as they were complicated when I think they could be done in a simpler way.

I have been experimenting broadining my everyday vocabuarly, while trying not to sound prolix (ha! self-defeating, aren’t I? Prolix means, tiresomelly wordy)  I have fun looking up words in the online Thesaurus: http://www.thesaurus.com


Daniel has been devouring The Secret Seven this week (he’s on his third or something ridiculous…)


Josh and I set out to defrost the freezer – and we forgot to turn it back on!!! Ooops! Hopefully everything is still OK. However it was funny Josh and I doing it, on our own, as we had always done it as a family thing – it was our experience of snow as Mum threw the bits of ice at us and then we’d have snow fights while she worked. This time Josh threw a few small, cold, sloppy morsels at me, but otherwise the ‘snow’ defrosted, untouched, on the lawn…


5 thoughts on “I love it when things work! (and other stories from our life)

  1. hehe, we have been practising our toyota jumps as well! 😀 Good job on catching the spider, it does look particularly larger than I would have liked if I were you! 😀 Cute bookmark, last week I sewed a new zip into one of my bags that had ‘died’, I hope your bookmark went better than that did!

    Your magazine, what is it called, can I subscribe? Have a wonderful day!


    1. ‘Come Children Join to Sing’ (a little 😉 just for you!)

      and I’m not sure what kind of spider it was; all I know was that it was big, not overly hairy and not poisonous. 🙂

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