Admit it. I am a homeschooler.

From time to time I go through fazes where I am frustrated that ‘I’m not learning what a public school-er is learning’.  I get frustrated that I’m behind in math and there are gaps in my history, and that I should know more in science since I am, strictly speaking, in the 11th grade!  When I enter into one of these fazes, my Mum will, for the millionth time, persuade me, step by step, that I am learning what I need to know, if not at a slightly different pace from everyone else.  She reminds me that while science and math may not be my strong points, I have a strong understanding of the Bible, a love for history, time devoted to studying character with my family, and a love for learning in general – all very important things.


There comes a time where I have to admit that I just don’t go to school.  It’s a fact: I. am. a. homeschooler. Therefore, we have the freedom to focus on what we are passionate about, what my parents feel are vitally important, and the opportunities to live life as a family.  While I may never be qualified to enter Uni as a doctor or get ‘up there’ with Galileo, I do know some things that are really important – such as character – because we’ve taken the time to study them!  This is not to say that if you go to school, you can never know your Bible well, because you can, if you make it a priority.  What I’m saying is that it is really important for me to be content learning things at a different pace from others, in a different way from others, maybe with a slightly different end purpose from others.


It’s OK to do things differently.  I’m not at school.  I homeschool – and that leaves me with the freedom to study our way!



3 thoughts on “Admit it. I am a homeschooler.

  1. Hey Jess,

    Your are getting so much more in your home schooling, and life, than any girl your age at a normal school. You can cook, you can sew, you can create , you have developed more character , than post people do in a life time, you love the Lord and have his teachings in your heart… you love your family, as well as learning school subjects… you are so far ahead…. yea home schooling!!!!!! I am so happy your mum and dad have done things different form the norm…

    Go Jess !! love you and you are a blessing !!!

    Love A. BB

  2. Go Jess! Thanks so much, sometimes I feel so flat about being homeschool and you doubt… Thanks so much for that post, you tell the world! 😀

    Homeschooling rocks!


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