God’s Outlaw – William Tyndale

A few weeks back we watched a fascinating movie, God’s Outlaw, about the Bible translator William Tyndale (c. 1492-95 to 1536AD).  Starting as a young man, Tyndale carried a passion for his entire life, to translate the Bible from Latin into English, with the expressed purpose of the everyday man being able to read, understand and live the Word of God.  Before and during his life, men were burned at the stake simply for speaking or teaching their children parts of the Bible in English instead of meaningless Latin, which by that time was a dead language.  If you disobeyed the Pope, a Bishop or any of the clergymen you were heavily scolded and probably killed.  Determinedly William Tyndale set out to change that, by personally translating the New Testament and secretly publishing it.  Although he only lived to see some of the fruit of his labour after living a secret life for many years, the world is a changed place because of his courage and convictions.


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, coming away with both a better understanding of who he was and the time during his life; as well as a desire for that same passion for God to be flamed into me, and to meet people with a Christ-centered passion.

You can click here to watch a trailer or to Amazon to buy the movie.


4 thoughts on “God’s Outlaw – William Tyndale

  1. That looks good! What is it rated, or what would you rate it? PG, M? I really want to watch the movie Amazing Grace, have you seen it?


  2. I had a look at a Christian movie website after a quick Google search and apparently it isn’t rated. I would rate it PG because you see people being tied to the stake and the fire and smoke going up around the person (not the person actually on fire, but enough drama to give the impression!)

    And yes, I have seen Amazing Grace. It’s good, but not something I could watch while doing something else. It needed concentration for me to understand the plot. Definitely worth watching, though.

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