‘The Birthday Header’

…What do you think?  Today as I roamed the homepage of m blog I decided I wanted a fresher and brighter header.  After a few hours on Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus 3.0, I finally finished ‘my design’.  I’m quite happy with the fresh, airy country feel of it.

Think of it as a new header, to go with a new age.  Yup – I turned 16 this week.  For all those 15 year old’s or soon-to-be 15’s… enjoy it.  I for one loved being fifteen, and am a little sad to leave it behind.  Yet, there is a season for everything – and, funny as it sounds in this situation, God knows what he’s doing!

Thanks Mum!

They played the trick on me this year – I thought I was getting a big one this year – but when I opened the fifth package I found a beautiful pair of earrings!

My wonderful family – I love you all.  Thank you for making my day and my life so special.


6 thoughts on “‘The Birthday Header’

  1. Wow, happy birthday! I’m actually turning 16 next week. 🙂 I guess I didn’t realize we were *so* close in age. Pretty cool.

    And yes, I love your new header! Very clean and tidy and… nice. I like it a lot.

  2. Nice header! I really like it.

    That trick is the oldest one in the book! our family has used it many times 🙂

    btw . . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thanks! Dad wrapped that present – he’s giving Nomi some competition! 😀 Wrapping layer upon layer is normally Nomi’s specialty!

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