My internet reading lately – 15th September

Yesterday I visited Cross-Eyed Blog and Webzine. I don’t go there a lot but I really should check it out more frequently as they write very insightful articles. The Why of Womanhood was featured on the homepage yesterday and it immediately caught my eye. Every now and then I need a little poke about womanhood to keep me going and I will probably be rereading the post to remind myself what womanhood literally means.

A Spinster Looks at Proverbs 31 –

Part one

Part two

I enjoyed this article and its continuation because it put a fresh look on how the life and actions of Proverbs 31 applies to my life

Jasmine Baucham’s blog has been very encouraging, inspiring and has helped me as a Christian, and I’m so looking forward to reading her book, but I’m going to miss her blog updates as she moves on to focus on living at home.

I enjoyed reading this post by Eric Novak – 7 things I’ve always wanted to say about girls

what have you been reading lately – on or offline?


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