Julia Gillard for PM – again!

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A few months back Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was overthrown by his deputy prime minister, Julia Gillard.  Apparently Australia – at least, the government – had had enough of Rudd and Gillard agreed to becoming new prime minister if they could pull this whole thing off.  They did. However, a proper election was due next year, and Gillard clearly stated not to make any real decisions until she had been properly elected, so she travelled to meet with the Govenor General to appeal for an early election, which the Govenor General granted.  August 21st 20-10 was our election day, and the outcome was… well, nobody.  It was a hung parliment!

There were five seats left to count – four independents and a green.  Usually counting every single vote isn’t necessary because the outcome is so obvious, but this was different.  To cut a long story short, four politicians went to Labor and one to Liberal.  Julia Gillard is now – officially – the Prime Minster of Australia.

Three of the four independents had told the media that they would all make the same decision.  In the end one man, Bob Katter, made his separate claim for the coalition leaving Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott (seen above) to their own devises.  Yesterday lunchtime, Windsor made his stand for Labor.  Obviously, because of their decision to stick together and because of the other two politicians Labor was already ahead, Oakeshott would go for Labor.  And he did – but he sure took his time saying so!  Lasting a total of 17 minutes, Oakeshott’s speech left us in giggles at the ridiculousness of it.  Mum and Daniel left the room claiming they had better things to do than watch him speak when the result was already known.  So did I, but it was too hilarious to leave!  Andrew Bolt put it in a funny light.

I’m not a Labor supporter, so I was disappointed with the outcome, but I believe that God is bigger than Australian politics.  He knows better than me.  Only he foresees what’s up ahead for Australia.  I believe he is more than capable of turning any situation around to glorify himself.  I’ll have to wait and see what he does next.


One thought on “Julia Gillard for PM – again!

  1. I have to say I am a little despressed at the idea of Labour in government now. *Sigh* Oh, well. Like you say Jess. God is in control.

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