The Write Stuff by Max Lucado

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Today I was trying to write my blog post.  Trying and just not clinching it.  My insides were churning and telling me, like Miss Clavel from Madeline, that “something is not right.”

Near desperate, I turned to this article sitting open on my menu bar, written by Max Lucado.  I’ve had it on the back burner of my mind for months, waiting for me to read it.  I decided today was a good a day as any, considering I was having trouble writing.

It was the article I needed to read for inspiration and purpose.  I hope you enjoy it too.  Until then… its back to the writing board.

We like to envision him as an old man with young eyes, wild hair, and a raging quill. He wrote by the light of a lamp in the lee of a shack with the fury of a prophet.  His pen could scarce keep pace with his thoughts… continue reading


3 thoughts on “The Write Stuff by Max Lucado

    1. Jessica and Meggie: It was just the perfect timing for me. I hope it keeps encouraging you like is me! (OK, so it’s only the day after I read it, but at least it’s sinking in!)

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