Living Books

In our house we have a phrase called ‘living books’.  We picked this idea up from Charlotte Mason years ago.  Basically it means – at least to me – books that excite me, give me ideas, and explain principles in a real, down-to-earth, engaging style, opposed to text books that really just present the information – often in a dry format.

Sometimes it’s frustrating for me to look at my school schedule and see what I’m learning in comparison to what kids in school would be learning, or what I would be learning if I used the text-book style.  At those times my Mum has to sit down and tell me again that what I am doing is actually valid and important, even if its’ different to the seemingly traditional style of learning.

This week my Mum and I were discussing how Josh and I used to do school opposed to how Mum is teaching Nomi and Daniel nowadays.  Some things are different, some things not.  Realizing just how much I love having the education I had made me so glad I haven’t stuck with a text book style of learning – my understanding of the Bible, the freedom to explore in my writing, my love for reading, the relationships-first model, the lifeskills-building lifestyle, and the creative, personal record for my work, and the exploration of ideas and understanding (I still remember seeing what happened when you rang our home phone number from our home phone) – all those things have been part of the benefits of the way I’m homeschooling.  This doesn’t mean that Nomi and Daniel don’t have that, but because they are different people, they are learning differently.

One of the best resources I have, especially as I became more independent, are the living books at hand.  Some of my favourite books were ones on Queen Esther, Charlemagne’s’ son, and a historical fiction on a storyteller from the Middle East.  Probably for the last 18months to two years I haven’t read as many books because I’ve been choosing and picking up more interpersonal books.

Though these books have been great, I miss the ‘fun’ books.  I’ve read a lot of books which have been harder-going, and though I have grown so much from them, I miss reading biographies, historical books and historical fictions.

When I realised that, I decided I was going to have to do something about it.  😉 I browsed through our shelves and decided on a couple of books I’d like to read.  Some of them were already on my reading list, some not.  My next one is going to be ‘Enemy Brothers’ by Constance Savery, and I’d like to read a biography on George Washington Carver sometime soon too.

So here I go!

What books are you reading at the moment?  How do you like it?


2 thoughts on “Living Books

  1. Your style of learning sounds JUST LIKE ours! 😀 And I absolutely loved reading “Enemy Brothers” and want to get my own copy some day 😀 I’m reading, “What He Must Be” by Voddie Baucham, “Fighting for Dear Life” (I forget the author’s name, but it’s about Terri Schiavo), “So Help Me God” by Roy Moore, and “The Jericho Hour” by Dick Eastman. Can you tell I’ve started too many books at once?!

  2. cool, jess! I like your style. flexibility is one thing I miss, now that I’m doing ACE. (I’ll admit that a set schedule means you get more work done, but it is sometimes lacking in the ‘fun’ department)

    BTW what DOES happen when you ring your own phone from your own phone??

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