Gifted Hands

On Sunday nights we try to watch a ‘thinking movie’ – whether that be a documentary on a certain time period, a scientific idea, somebody in particular or just a new Christian movie – with the purpose of talking about it afterwards.  So far it has worked really well and we’ve been able to both relax together and be purposeful about our Sunday evenings.

Anyway, this week we watched ‘Gifted Hands’, the story of Dr Ben Carson, a Christian neurosurgeon who performed incredible surgeries on the brain despite having, as a child, low grades and a temper problem.

Nomi and I both decided it was going in our ‘favourite movies’ list, we enjoyed it so much.   I think the reason we really enjoyed Gifted Hands was not some much of what he’s done but how he went from getting the lowest grades in the class to excelling in life.

We also were very impressed with his Mums’ intentionality in making sure her boys were wise with their time.  Before their mother saw how much there was to learn, her two sons watched a lot of TV.  When she put a stop to it, she immediately started filling their free time with avenues for learning everything and anything they wanted to.

I was really inspired by the Carson family to pull up my socks as far as my free afternoons go.  Unfortunately the internet makes it far too easy for me to spend the afternoon just browsing blogs. Dr Carson believes the brain has incredible abilities to do amazing things.  Unless I pursue my interests and broaden my understanding of the world however, I’ll never be able to do whatever it is I want and even what God wants of me.

So let’s see… what could I be filling my afternoons instead?  The internet isn’t all bad, but I’ve already set myself up with two certain days a week to blog in.  The rest of my time could be  filled with…

  • Sewing: I want to sew more!  I love sewing, I just need to sit down and start.  As soon as I start, I’m in seventh heaven.
  • Piano: I’m on the lookout for some fun, extra piano pieces to do, such as off a movie or praise and worship. Anybody know of anywhere?
  • Letter writing: I have heaps of friends I write too…
  • Photography: I only have a small camera, but I believe that just practicing, practicing, practicing by experimenting in different ways will improve my skills.
  • Journaling: the above goes for writing too.
  • Cooking: Lately I’ve realized that I need to improve my baking and cooking skills, especially when it comes to doing it quickly and knowing a large variety of methods.  Watch out family: Jessica just might be prowling in the kitchen!
  • Reading: Mum encouraged me the other day to start reading some classics for my recreational reading instead of a school book as I’m running out of free books to read!  The Pickwick Papers was, perhaps, a little ambitious of a start, so I’ve settled with Gulliver’s’ Travels instead. 😉

What do you fill your afternoons with?  Do you feel you spend your time productively (aka on focused, worthwhile activities)?  Have you watched the movie?  What did you think?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Read my Mum’s thoughts on Gifted Hands over at her blog

Image credit: Koorong


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