Meet My Monkeys

On Saturday just gone, I ran a kids’ group for ages 3-13 while the parents were inside with the G’s listening to a parenting seminar.

I was a little nervous, but even with thirty-odd kids (some of which I didn’t know) I had a fantastic time. Whoohoo!

We talked about responsibility,

read stories to do with the lesson,

worked on a poem with actions,

played a role play

held a ‘hat day’ where we talked about different responsibilities the person wearing the appropriate hat had

We then went on to talk about monkey business and the question, do you have the freedom?, after which we made a little monkey each as a reminder to do our responsibilities without being told.

Growing Families (who ran the seminar) call responsibilities ‘monkeys’ as a fun way to remember that a certain responsibility (e.g. saying ‘please’ or brushing your teeth) are now the childs’ responsibility, not the parents.  As a young adult, I don’t stop getting monkeys – I only get more of them!

Above is a photo of me with all ‘my monkeys’ – the stuffed toy monkeys we collected to use as props during the session!


3 thoughts on “Meet My Monkeys

  1. Very proud of you Jess for taking on the kids club. You prepared the lessons well and worked as a team with the other kids who were helping you.

    I love this shot as it shows so well the different type of monkeys we carry around (or should carry around.) I also like it because you are smiling – even though you have an armful of responsibilities!

    1. Thanks Jocelyn!

      Thankyou Mum- it was great fun (though I went hoarse a couple of times) I like this shot too. The ironic thing is, I wasn’t thinking of how true the photo was to real life – I just had Daniel take it for fun!

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