The Local District Show

In the words of Colin Buchanan,

Once a year, from all around

They all converge on the show grounds

Some just look, some compete

For some its just a chance to meet

The kids will walk you off your feet

But everyone will go

To the local district show!

About three weeks back, our town had its annual agricultural show, which we always love.  What’s not to love? They have rides, fireworks, dog shows, competitions, displays, horses, prizes, an animal pavilion, exhibition pavilion, and people.  Lots of people!

As I’ve mentioned before, we take off the month of June to work on creative projects for the show.  Because we also had a very busy upcoming July with our friends, Mr and Mrs G, I didn’t get a whole lot done for the show, but was content with the amount of crafts I entered into the exhibition pavilion.

A first for a ‘star’ concertina album (its actually Nomi‘s Christmas present)

Betty Lou won first prize (She was Mum‘s Christmas present)

I also won a third for a photo of Nomi, a second for a card similar to this one and a second for a cushion (hopefully photos coming soon!)

On Saturday (the second day of the show – we did drop in on Friday quickly) Nomi, a friend and myself went inside three giant balls that you can move – from the inside.

Although they are really fun to roll around, they are hot!

After lunch, we watched Josh, Nomi and some friends enter some crazy competitions: the wheelbarrow race (which Josh entered) and the melon Olympics (Nomi’s entree).    The melon race goes like this: you put your feet in some watermelons, which have been slightly scooped out to accomadate for your feet.  At the word ‘go!’, you slide across slippery, wet plastic wearing your green shoes until you reach the other end.  When at the end, you attempt to through some honeydews you have carried across into a barrel.  In other words…

It’s harder than it sounds!

One of the last things we did at the show was take our ‘pilgrimage’ through the cattle grounds.  Having a Dad as a vet, he naturally takes an interest in the cattle on display, so we’ve made a tradition of wandering through the pens for his sake.  To be honest, the shows’ not the show if I don’t walk through those yards!

To end the show, we watched the Saturday night fireworks from our special ‘firework-watching’ spot with Mr and Mrs G and their granddaughter.



One thought on “The Local District Show

  1. That looks like so much fun, and a lot like our 4H fair 😀 Only we don’t have such fun things as melon races and giant balls to roll around in!!!


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