Gone Campin’

Last week we went camping for three nights at a nearby National Park with some friends and their granddaughter (a new friend)  Coming home we felt very relaxed and refreshed – must be the lack of technology and the abundance of the great outdoors I think!

As we set this up, Dad thought we’d be ‘the laughing camp of the stockade!’  I reckon that though that might have been true, we were at least the coolest camp of the stockade, with so much shade!  From l-r: girls’ tent (hosting three of us), Mum and Dad’s tent, friends’ tent, dining room and kitchen, and in the foreground you can see the boys’ green tent.

Thankyou Dad for cooking us bacon, eggs and mushrooms for our breakfasts!  This photo was taken in honour of the amount of eggs on the plate at once, cleverly constructed by Dad.

One of my most favourite things about camping is going on walks and smelling these Pandama palms!

The first day we took an 8-k round trip, which showed some spectacular views.  We decided that, instead of rushing breakfast and taking the walk in the cool of the morning, like a lot of people do, we would enjoy our breakfast and endure the heat.  Being in July, our winter, it wasn’t actually too bad.  We took the walks at our own pace, talking continuously and snapping photos at whatever took our fancy.  Gotta love camping!

I made sure to have a record of the blue sky – of my many very weird quirks.  It’s become my trademarks of sorts.

The second day we went on a four-kilometer round walk, and its view was just breathtaking, at any view you looked at.  The photos don’t really do it justice.

On the third day one of our friends took us kids on a short walk to see some aboriginal rock artwork.  We only saw a few pieces of artwork, but what we saw was very clear and distinctive.  And the sunset – !  To see the rocks so red was worth it in itself.

Oh, and I plucked up the courage to eat the end of a green ant.  Yes, I mean a real ant – you can eat the end of their bodies; it tastes like very strong lemon juice.  You should try it sometime.

Photo credit goes to Dad and myself (can I say that?!)


8 thoughts on “Gone Campin’

  1. The photos are very nice Jess, I shall congratulate you on eating the end of a green ant. My Dad said he used to snack on green ants as a boy (he had many aboriginal friends) and has tried many times to get us to eat one… I have never been able to bring myself to do it!! 😀

    1. Yeah, this was the first time I have ever done it. It is a weird concept. It’s not really that much of anything either. Not even a snack. You’d have to pick a bowl of them to fill you up!

  2. What fun!!! I’ve never actually gone camping, and I doubt I ever will, at least with my family, because my Dad is not really that kind of guy. 🙂 Well, one time we stayed in a rustic cabin in the mountains… but still not the same as camping in a tent, by any stretch. Beautiful photography, almost looks like you were in Arizona (sure you didn’t take a wrong turn somewhere? haha).

    Green ants? No thanks. (Here we mostly only have red ants — they bite and sting! You REALLY couldn’t get me to eat one of those.)

    Oh, and uh, yes, I still need to reply to your e-mail. *blush* We’re going on vacation here soon (without computer for most all of it), so I’m hoping to reply to it before we leave. Sorry I’ve kept you waiting so long!


    1. Hi Alison!
      No, I don’t think we made any wrong turns… that is, I don’t remember driving through the sea!!! 🙂

      We have red ants too – and they do hurt! “No thanks” was what I said for a long time, but decided that I had to give it a go. After all, I’m a country girl, right? 😀 It honestly tastes like a strong squirt of lemon juice, but it doesn’t make you pucker up.

      And no problems about the email – I’ve been thinking of you, hoping you are OK. Enjoy your computer-free vacation! I loved not having the technology with me on this camping trip. In the past when I’ve been on holidays, I have used our friends or extended families’ computer, but I regret spending the amount of time I did on the computer browsing blogs! Definitely lots of things to be filling a holiday outside of blogs.

      God bless!

  3. Looks like fun! I’m from the US, so the fact that you got to see aboriginal artwork is amazing to me! ; )

  4. I agree with Kate! That is so neat that you got to see that artwork! And Australia looks *so* pretty! Your camping trip looks like it was a lot of fun 😀

    I love blue skies, too, though I’ve never thought to take a picture of nothing but the blue sky…that was neat!

    Wow! You were brave to eat that ant 😀 I have a friend who fried a grasshopper and said it tasted like a potato chip. I did not care to find out if she was right 😀

    Thanks for posting these pictures! It was so much fun to see 😀

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