{Wednesday} Experiencing Experience 101

“The only thing I haven’t experienced is experience! And the best way to experience experience is to go and experience it!”Nomi Letchford, from her story The Stolen Rose, Part Three

  • I went canoeing today for the first time
  • I baked two doubled batches of Lemon Delicious Pudding last night because I thought the first batch wouldn’t work, so I made another, though both worked out in the end!
  • I spent time talking to an 18 year-old Christian girl from Perth about Creation, the Bible and Church
  • I have the feeling that tells me ‘I miss school’ – even maths!

What’s something you have experienced today?


4 thoughts on “{Wednesday} Experiencing Experience 101

  1. Nomi comes up with some good ones, doesn’t she?

    You must have ‘school holiday syndrome’. I get like that when I’ve had to many aimless days (not necessarily empty ones, but aimless nonetheless).

    Have you finished the lemon delicious pudding yet?

    Experience is often the best teacher I find.

  2. Hi Jess!
    Thankfully this school holidays has been so full for me I have only had the emtpy ache once or twice, I usually get it alot though; even though I dislike school work very much!!

    Today I have expierenced a nice winters day walk picking flowers and leaves to draw. It was lovely.


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