The Artistic Me

OK, so this photo isn’t about much.  But it’s cool – it is, as Mum told me, an artistic photo.  And the idea that I am artistic is an interesting, new thought.  If you don’t think you are artistic – well, I think we must all have it locked away in us somewhere.  I guess we have to be artistic, and not box ourselves into thinking we aren’t artistic!


2 thoughts on “The Artistic Me

  1. artisticness can have many different expressions, Jess. Drawing is just one of many ways to express it. Every time you do something ‘creative’, you are being artistic. So I think you are VERY artistic, Jess!


  2. I agree with Hayley! Your definatly more artistic than me, Jess!
    Guess what!? I have tagged/awarded you on my blog!

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