Time Managment Ideas

During the month of June, us youngest three kids forgo a lot of our schoolwork and focus on crafty projects to enter into our local Agricultural Show coming up.  With so much ‘free time’ and several crafty and event planning projects on the go I find I’m struggling to manage my time wisely.  Time management is such an overwhelming subject for me; it’s hard to know a) how to spend my time wisely and b) that I’m spending my time wisely!  In concern for my days I turned to Mums’ bookshelf of home management books to find just the author I was looking for: Emilie Barnes.

I love Emilie Barnes.  She’s written over a dozen books on homemaking, baking, craft, cleaning, organization, family life and, you guessed it, time management!  Although there are several girls’ books out there, I started reading her adult books when I was about twelve and love them.  They are an awesome resource.

I chose 500 Time-Saving Hints for Every Woman (surprise, surpise :)) and flipped to the first section on organization.  I can see how the following ideas (written in my own words) will help me manage my time better.

  • Don’t procrastinate.  Don’t put off today what can be done tomorrow.  For me this looks like filing Dad’s mail the day I get it, eating lunch at 12:30pm, starting jobs at 5:00pm and practicing my piano theory when I have a piano practice.  Do things as soon as I can after learning I need to do it (i.e. hemming some friends’ pants ASAP instead of after being on my desk for six weeks) Know what the most important tasks are.
  • Make a list of a couple of things I need to do the night before or early in the morning, so I can get a jumpstart on my day.  Know what I need to be doing.
  • Find little jobs to do when waiting between tasks
  • Know what I need to be doing.  Be purposeful about my day.  This includes being enthusiastic from the start!

What helps you to manage your time on a daily basis?


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