Card making supplies

After showing some photos of my latest card the other day, I was talking with a friend about how its hard to find supplies for card making.  I’ll tell you I’m really blessed for my Mum to be a scrapbooking consultant who generously lets me use any of her supplies, and that helps me a lot!  For a while I felt like I was in the same boat as you might be, because I just didn’t have the little things that make a card a card.  Over the last year or two I’ve built up a box just for card making supplies.  They are the ‘extras’, not really the basics (I use Mums’ supplies for that) but they add those extra touches to a card that we just love.

Basic supplies for card making:

  • Card: strong enough to hold some weight and stand propped up on its own
  • Paper: plain paper has its moments but patterned paper really changes the card from ordinary to different.  Think of different sorts of papers and cards you could use – cork, vellum, grooved.
  • Pens


  • Brads
  • Pop dots
  • Paper or silk flowers
  • Ribbons
  • Punches
  • Beads
  • Wire
  • Material and thread
  • Stamps/embossing tools

Other ideas: I was given a flower press for my birthday that I would like to use for card making sometime.  You can use the clear plastic of a ziplock bag to make windows or pockets.  After a little practice, when I know the tension is set right, I’ll be able to use the sewing machine to add a little beautification to my cards.  There are all sorts of techniques out there just waiting to try out!

My favourite card making book by Company’s Coming Mum and I picked up from the local post office, so keep an eye out for books wherever you go, not just in a craft shop.  My current little stash of ribbons I found at our $2 shop, and I painstakingly chose the pop dots and brads when I went to a big retail craft shop in Darwin last year.

I hope this helps you get an idea of what sort of things you could keep an eye out for to build a small card making collection of your own!

What supplies would you like or are your favourite tools?


One thought on “Card making supplies

  1. I like the pens and all the different types of fonts you can copy and emboss a card with, thats gotta be my favourite part of creating cards!

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