Happy Birthday! card

I love how this card turned out.  It’s fresh and crisp, but pretty at the same time.  I tried using the computer to write the words ‘happy birthday’ on the front, but after that failed the first time I started playing around with it in my own handwriting, and like that even better!

I really love this card book where I saw the idea.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! card

    1. Kira – I am very blessed to have my Mum as a scrapbooking consultant, and allows me to use her personal supplies, papers, paper flowers, ect but I live just outside of a small town where there isn’t a craft store so if it weren’t for my Mum I would be pretty much in the same boat as you! We do have a $2 shop which sells some ribbons and supplies, but you have to keep your eye out when out and about, shop at a craft shop when in the city, and try the internet!

      1. *sigh* I have no one in my family who’s into scrapbooking or anything of that sort – so yes, I should keep my eyes more open to places where I can aquire the supplies! Handmade cards are just so much more meaningful I think. 🙂

        Hmm, come to think of it, I think our local dollar store carries some things I could use for this…

      2. I know the feeling with cardmaking – it took me a while to find the right stuff.

        But you know what? We really struggle to find the awesome, modern, fresh material that we see other people (especially in USA) using! It’s frustrating, because there is some funky material out there for sewing, but we can’t find any in Australia! Do you have this problem?

  1. Cute! 🙂
    I’ve been scrapbooking for years, and its true, unless you live in the city, it’s a little hard to find fun scrappin supplies, unless you get them off the web. But you miss one of the best things about shopping… You don’t get to feel the texture of things before you buy them!
    Take Care!

  2. Jess – Yeah, that’s too bad. Have you tried checking online for the modern materials your looking for? You could get what you want from the US mailed right to ya!

    As far as me having that problem – I guess it’s pretty easy here in the US to find a variety of things… there’s always the new “in” styles of everything at the ready all the time!

    We’re kinda spoiled I’d say 😉

    1. I think my ‘problem’ is that I don’t live in a city – if I did I think we could find the right fabrics! Ah well – the internet is a wonderful thing! But maybe we should start designing our own!

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